Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Your Child's Name as a Blessing

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This is a lesson plan that I did with my students recently.  It deals with a Jewish baby naming custom but is so beautiful that anyone can do it.  This carries special meaning for me since we need to decide on a name for #2.

I am teaching my 6th grade class about the different events in the lifecycle of Jewish Traditions.  We are beginning with Brit Milah and naming of a Girl.  One of the traditional blessings that you give a baby is "May this Child be Great". 

 Students each got to ‘have a baby’ make a poster like my sample drawing below. 

They got to choose a Hebrew name for their child and find out the meaning of the name.  They had so much fun that most of the kids decided to work on their posters during our break time!!

This is a great time to have a discussion with your child about their name and what it means to you and how you interpret the blessing 'to be great'. 

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