Tuesday, February 28, 2012

DIY Dorothy Costume!

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Baby Bear is going to be 
Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz for Purim


White Dress
Blue Gingham material (I only had 1/8 yard!)
Red Shoes preferable with sparkles! (Mine came from Once Upon A Child) 
Blue Bow or Ribbon 

ruby slippers

Baby Bear LOVES shoes and these sparkly shoes are so much fun.  She calls them "ish".  I wanted to do a cute-sy costume since she is so little, but I could not resist the slippers and it is much easier to make a costume that is all about the clothing.  I had a white dress that she got as a gift.  It is not my taste, but I kept it to the side just in case.  It is perfect for the white dress under the blue apron.  I then looked all over for a blue and white piece of fabric and asked some friends, but no luck.  I happened to have a black and white gingham scrap at the bottom of my pile, so I am going to make due with that.  

I cut a square the size of the top area and hemmed the edges under.  

Then i took the small piece that I had left and took off a 1 1/2 inch strip the hot dog way to save for the straps.  

Next, I sewed the edges under and attached the top square.  

Lastly, I folded the edges over for the straps and hemmed the edges.  I attached them to the top and to the back to tie together.  

I had a blue bow to put in her 'hair' as a final touch. 

dorothy costume photo

I will update with a photo of her wearing the dress, I was so excited that I had to post this right away!

My computer is getting fixed (can't live without photoshop) , so you please follow the blog so that you can get the pattern when I put it up

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