Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Baby Bear Hugs Photo Year in Review

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The girls have grown so much since last year.  
Baby Bear seems to be a lot taller and Mini is a walking talking person!

May 2015 only bring more incredible adventures for us!

Monday, December 29, 2014

The incredible intricacies of learning language

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I was fascinated with language before when Baby Bear started to speak, and now even more as I learn about language and reading, I am in awe of my children's abilities.

If adults don't know what a word is, they will usually look it up later or just skip it if reading.  Baby Bear will ask what a word means if she has never heard it before.  I love this curiosity

Baby Bear and Mini get read to in both English and Hebrew and they watch some kids shows and movies in both languages.   Mini gets a lot more English that Baby Bear did at this age.  She seems to have a larger vocabulary than Baby Bear did at this age in English.  They BOTH prefer to listen to music in Hebrew except if it is from Frozen. 

Elsa Bear and Anna Bear
  Since she was born she has always been the silly kid and it is great that it translates to her verbal skills.  The things she says cracks me up!  


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Happy Hanukah

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

10 cool STEM gifts {you haven't heard about yet}

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With all of the holiday shopping you have going on, your list should include things that all children to learn and discover through science, technology, engineering, art and math {referred to as STEAM}.  These are not the old fashion stereotype that you have of these subjects, but new innovative hands on discovery play. 

These companies are not only innovative, but they are all small independent businesses that will benefit from your purchases. 

Circuit Stickers $24.99- $89.99

Kids {and adults!} get to play with LED lights by using conductive surfaces to create circuits.  Older kids could be challenged to use the circuits to create and invent using their creativity and imagination. 

Use science to do some cooking.
Inspire a budding chemist and 
learn about history.  
Sun Print Kit average $8-15
Sun print kits uses the sun to expose a film sheet that is treated to stop the exposure.  This is a fun activity that can be done with many different ages. 

Use this kit to make a paper house that will glow in the dark using a non toxic reactive substance.  

Build Your Own Electric Guitar Kit $199.99

This kit is a fun way to create any play with something 
that you made with for long
lasting fun and discovery.

Spin Bot Kit $24.99

The Spin bot is a robotic kit that creates a pattern 
making robot. Click on the video to see how it works

Sew Electric Book and Supplies 
This book will use your sewing skills to create projects that will 
light up, glow and more.  

This kit will let you turn 
almost any object into a touchpad!

This kit inspires using windpower as the energy to inspire creative minds.  You can experiment with different types of blades and configurations to create an efficient power source.

*A big thanks to:*
My cousin, Ben Waber, author of People Analytics and President/CEO of Sociometric Solutions, who introduced me to many of these items.
My friend Sherri who is an amazing educator,artist and tech junkie. 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Hula Skirt Cutting Fun!

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 preschool cutting fun hula skirt.  

I wanted to practice cutting skills with Baby Bear.  I gave her a few options and she wanted to make a hula skirt. This is a really fun activity to practice holding a scissors and cutting in a way that your child can show off their handiwork.  They get to make something that helps to use their imagination and also keep them active by dancing. 

large brown grocery bag
kid friendly scissors ~we opted for metal blades
stapler or velcro for closure

Open the bag at the seam. Cut off the bottom of the bag take off the handles carefully.

  I always start by modeling what I want Baby Bear to do.  Start by showing how to hold the scissors and cut in a straight line.  Next, draw some guidelines for your child to follow leaving 3 inches at the top for the band. 

Once the bag is successfully cut, either staple it on or use the velcro for a reusable closure.  If you want to make it reusable, I suggest reinforcing the top with tape on the inside or by folding it over for structure. 

Find some hula music and DANCE! 
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