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Brooke Leiberman with Mini Bear, 2012
baby and mom
Brooke Leiberman and Baby Bear, 2010

I am the mother, wife, designer, writer behind the Baby Bear Hugs blog. In my everyday life, I hold a Masters in Education through University of Michigan {GO BLUE} and hold a BFA in Art & Design from the Stamps School of Art and Design at U of M.  

I am the luckiest person because I get to run the incredible Ravitz Art Center at Tamarack Camps and be outside with my kids and creating art!

Baby Bear at Tamarack Camps, 2013

 Teaching and creating art (by Re-Using materials and recycling) is really important to me.  My favorite professor, Josh Rush, told me to make art with whatever I had and that inspired me to use things that already existed as a creative medium. 

Before becoming a mom, as an artist/Jeweler I coordinated the manufacturing for a large eco-friendly online jewelry retailer at Casting House in Chicago and worked as a bench Jewelry for the award winning designer Eve J. Alfille in Evanston.  I have teaching in informal education for over 11 years. 

I hope that my work inspires you to create, love, and learn! 

Baby Bear & Mini

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