Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mishloach Manot ~ Wizard of Oz Theme

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This year Baby Bear and I made Wizard of Oz themed Mishloach Manot that would also be a cute Easter Basket theme or birthday party goodies.

I found these really cute Wizard of Oz themed decorations at Michaels and saved them. 

Baby Bear was in charge of decorating the bags with stickers and then she got to fill them up! 

We got different treats that related to some of the ideas in Wizard of Oz.  Here is one of our Yellow Brick Roads.  Some other ones we used granola bars for little kids.

yellow brick road crackers wizard of oz

We had some with M & M's for eMerald City

emerald city m&ms wizard of oz

Some Tootie Roll Totos

toto tootsie rolls

A pin the Heart on the Tin Man with chocolates.I found this graphic here

pin the heart on the tin man chocolates

Not pictured: We also had some Wicked Witch Hamentashen and rainbows of skittles.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Proving the Pythagorean Theorem for KIDS

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what really is the pythagorean theorem and how to do it for kids

Math Nerds and People who think they hate math unite!  
This is really cool and helps me to understand something so abstract as A2+B2=C2. An it is also something that is simple enough for young children to understand and do by solving puzzles.  Plus by teaching you, I am helping to learn it better myself!

pythagorean puzzle

Pythagorean Theorem is named for a man named Pythagoras.  He lived between 569-500 B.C.E in Greece.  He created a secret math club that he called the Brotherhood of Pythagoreans, which was devoted to the study of mathematics.  It is not clear if he was the author or if someone else in he group was the author because of the secrecy of the group.  He was not the first person to discover the correspondence between side of the right triangle.

right triangle labeled A,B,C hypotenuse

Here is a right triangle.  The sides are A, B, and C.  We can also call C the hypotenuse.

right triangle and pythagorean theorem
what the pythagorean theorem says is: if you make the side of a right triangle into squares, the area of sides & B will equal the area of 
the square side now we are going to make a triangle with squares
c. what is a square of anumber really mean?
illustration of length times width equals area
for the length of one side multiplied by the length of the other side equals the amount of area inside the square
here is the equation broken down visually
I have some more puzzles for you to try.  This is the part that younger children will like and be able to understand. 

{Click here to download the free printable}

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mr. BBH got a GEM award from his work

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He tried to make it seem like it wasn't a big deal, so I'm going to tell it like it was: 

According to Dr. Eadie, Hospital President "The GEM Award is our highest employee honor at Harper and Hutzel Hospitals. Department managers and directors select employees for each award. The honorees are role models who fulfill customer service standards and are willing to provide service beyond expectations."

We are so proud of you!  

Monday, March 24, 2014

Baby Bear Can WRITE words!!

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We have been working with Baby Bear to write her name.  She usually writes it with me but this week she suddenly wrote it alone when I asked her to sign her card!

learning to write her name

She kept writing and practicing so I decided to see if she could write other words with the same letters.

i hear nana
I <3 Nana  {I helped with the heart} She calls my mom Nana

mima written out in capital letters

Then she wrote MIMA {What she calls her Aunt. It is a Yiddish word}

baba written out in capital letters

Then I asked if she could write the letter B.  She wrote out BABA, what she calls her grandpa. 

writing in capital letters

Since she had already written other family members, we went on with some other important people in her life. 

first attempts to write words

This all happened within a matter of minutes.  She was writing like crazy.  For a first attempt, this blew my mind!  Maybe tomorrow we can write out Baby Bear?

two girls with silly glasses

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Craftsy *FREE CLASS* GiVeAwAy!

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They also offer Free Mini classes for everyone!!

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy Purim 2014 -Chag Sameach

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Today we celebrated Purim!  

Baby Bear had a cupcake costume.  At the Purim Carnival, she got this beautiful facepaint job on her face.  They were also making baloon animals.  I made the balloon animals at her school's carnival on Friday so I was fascinated to see how a real balloon person does it!  I watched a few videos on Youtube to do the balloon hats and animals before I made them.  I already knew how to do a balloon dog and they didn't look so complicated.  

Mini dressed up on Friday as a lady bug {thanks Kelly!} but since there are always a lot of people at the one we went to today, we chose a light weight costume.  My sister wore this sailor costume as a baby too. 

She also made the top hat that I am wearing.  It is even more impressive in person. 

Mini had so much fun with costumes, that we played at home with our dress-up box.

I took photos of her and then she wanted the camera too. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Baby Bear Gets her Teeth Cleaned for the 1st Time

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My mom is a Dental Hygienist and oral health has always been something that I was taught from a young age and made sure to do the same thing with my girls.  My mother-in-law does not have very many teeth, so this is super important that they develop good habits at a young age.   The day that they got their first tooth, I started the habit of brushing with a tooth brush.  

baby brushing her teeth

Here is Baby Bear at age 2, already wanting to brush by herself.  {don't worry, I always get them first!}

preschool kid getting teeth cleaned by dental hygienist

Age 3 is the first time that children should go for a dental cleaning with a professional.  Take them a few times before they have their own appointment.It may seem like a hassle to bring children with you when you go to you to the dentist {you should be going every 6 months} but they need to experience the sights and sounds of a dental office and how you behave when your teeth are getting cleaned.  I made sure to say things like "that tickles" and smile at the girls so they could see that I was OK. 

preschool kid getting teeth cleaned by dental hygienist

Mini sat on my lap this time while I got my teeth cleaned, then Baby Bear sat on my lap WHILE she was getting hers cleaned.  She agreed that only 3 teeth were getting cleaned, but when she realized that it did not hurt, the hygienist (my mom) did all of her teeth. 

Remember to get YOUR teeth cleaned every 6 months! 
 *Keep your own teeth*
*Prevent gum disease*
*Maintain overall health*
{Recent studies have shown a connection between heart attacks and gum disease}

PS-If you don't have dental coverage, it is much cheaper to prevent future needs then to wait until you need major dental care & You can also get discounted cleaning at Universities that have Dental Schools.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

KidKraft Magnolia Dollhouse~Review

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It is really important for me that my children have a good imagination and ability to make believe and play.  Having a doll house give children a way to make meaning out of things that they have in their house.  Giving them people in the doll house enables them to act out and discover things about relationships and language used between families and friends.  It is really fun to listen to the conversations that Baby Bear has with dolls. 

 I was thrilled that we got the opportunity to receive this Magnolia Mansion Dollhouse from KidKraft.   

It comes in an Ikea like flat pack and needs to be assembled.  Mr. BBH & I put it together while Baby Bear anxiously watched.  {Since she is old enough to help with small things, we let her turn the screw driver and hold things for us.} It was easy to assemble with a partner. There are a few different color screws and you need to match them up the the background color on the dollhouse before screwing using them since the directions does not tell you that. The finished house is well made and we were able to move easily from the basement to the girls room upstairs. The balcony and patio at the bottom are easy to remove to carry it. 

Here is the KidKraft Magnolia Mansion Dollhouse all assembled in our basement.  We wanted to put it together on the rug there and in a space where Mini would not get into little pieces before being assembled.  Originally we thought to keep it in the play area; but, I was surprisingly thin enough to put in anywhere and it got moved to the girls bedroom! 

 slim profile of the kidkraft magnolia doll house

My Grandma made me a doll house when I was little.  It lived in my parents basement because it was so deep that there was not any good place to put it.  It eventually was given away since it took up so much space.  I love how this dollhouse is tall so you can see in the rooms but also has a slim profile so it can go in their room and not get in the way. 

It has enough room for more than one child to play and 3 different levels of rooms to interact with. You can use them to develop question and answer skills with children.  Ask things like where, what, why using the Magnolia house.  For example, there are a lot of different dog images on the background of the house and Mini likes to find them.  

There are a lot of moving parts that make it interactive.  Mini practices her coordination by pushing buttons, opening doors and putting the dolls on different pieces of furniture.

Fun things to discover:
  • The windows and doors open and close
  •  The elevator can go up and down
  •  The piano plays songs  
  • The light turns on and glows
  • The toilet makes a flushing sound

Mini likes the sounds and it helps her small motor skills to play with the button. 

The size of the house and furniture makes it really versatile.  Many different kinds of dolls are usable with the Magnolia dollhouse, even Barbie fits in the bed and through the doors. 

We also purchased the KidKraft Doll Family that go with the house.  {They also have an African American Doll Family set} 

Baby Bear and Mini Bear have so much fun playing with the house.  There are so many different things that I saw them doing while playing together.  It is helping  both Baby Bear and Mini Bear with social skills.  Mini is learning how to play with others and Baby Bear is modeling family relationships with the doll family. They are both developing language skills related to family and interactions in their own way relating to the house, room, and family.

recommend magnolia kidkraft dollhouse

We love the KidKraft Magnolia Mansion Dollhouse and HIGHLY Recommend it! 

See the KidKraft:

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

MIshloach Manot Idea Link Party

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I am trying to get my ideas all set for Mishloach Manot {Purim Gift Baskets} that you give to friends & family.  

Find my ideas posted on Pinterest here
I purchased some things for inspiration, but I still need to create the baskets.  Help me!  Link up your ideas below!
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