Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Make a Video for Assessment

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seder plate make a video for learning assesment

Besides teaching my own class, I tutor Hebrew at a few different places.  I help one of the teachers there if she needs anything technology.  This is the second video that we did.  I used Windows Live Media Manager for the credits and we filmed it using Dr. Goodman's iPad!  

This is a great assessment tool to see if the students understand the material that they are studying and can be applied to pretty much any concept.

Things you would need to make a video with your class-
Video camera or an iPhone/iPad/laptop with camera
OR {MY FAVORITE} kids that have cell phones with video
The more then you can put the power in their hands, the better, more creative, tech savvy, energetic the videos will be

I really love that this class made a video to show what they learned {although I would have done it totally different if I was teaching- love you Linda :) }

First, I would have divided the class up in partners and given each kid a part of the Seder for them to be in charge of.  Then, I would have the group perform that interpretation of what the part of the Seder was so that I knew they understood what it was and made a little skit with it.  If they were older, I would have had them film the part and edit it themselves and email it to me.  I may have also had them do the entire Seder in groups so that they can figure out how they want the entire video to look. 

I love that teachers are thinking out of the box, even if the ideas are still flatter....it is OK..we are all learning!    

PS.  I am going to the International Society for Teaching in Education Conference (ISTE's 33rd annual conference)in San Diego!  

My team was selected for the PELIE Technology Fellows program! {Yay Brooke & Tamar}  anyone else going?

video for teaching is embedded here

We have a winner!

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~Congrats to Sharon G. ~

Monday, March 26, 2012

In our house, we do not speak English

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Raising a bilingual child
raising a bilingual child

In our house, we do not speak English.  I did not know how to approach the topic, but today I was inspired to just share.   

My husband was not born in the USA and we met when I lived abroad in Israel.  Our first language that we spoke together was not English, but Hebrew so we naturally wanted our children to be able to speak it with us at home.  

My family does not speak or understand Hebrew and at first, was not as supportive about it.  They have begun to learn words with Baby Bear and I find this really nice.  My dad even decided to go by the Hebrew word for Grandpa סבא (Saba) and she has since decided that he is just Ba- Ba.  

She is starting to talk with different words in both languages.   I think she decides what is easiest and just uses that word, but it seems like she says more English words.  I speak to her more then anyone and only in Hebrew, so I find it odd that she does not say more Hebrew words!  She also started talking later then most of the kids her age, but we were told that bilingual kids usually start talking later.  She understand BOTH languages fully.  

If I am talking to someone else, then I always switch to Hebrew to directly address Baby Bear.

What language(s) do you speak with your children?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Things we love to Play & Learn

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I wanted to share with you some of our favorite play things. 

Baby Bear LOVES to dance and sing.  She has always been very musical.  My best friend got her Boogie Monster Dance Kit by Josie Bissett and Kevan Atteberry.  The book is really fun to read and it comes with Monster Shoes for the parents to play along with the book.  Plus the CD and say "Boogie" when she wants the CD.  

There are so many books that we love to read with Baby Bear, but the most fun for Baby Bear is being able to read books on her own or to her stuffed animals.  Board books are much better for her chubby hands to turn the pages.

I got this at Once upon a Child when Baby Bear was just starting to crawl.  She played with it at the store and fell in love with it.  She learned from pushing the buttons to make sounds and then using the back to learn to walk.  She still loves to sit on her Dora car and it changes with her.  

This doodle toy is so cute as an elephant and mouse!  It also has a chubby pen that kids can easily hold.

Our play tent is a really fun place for Baby Bear to play, imagine, be alone,  etc.  Then it easily folds up to store in the closet when we are done playing.  We can also pack it up to bring outside in the summer!

What are your favorite things?

My weekend

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I am so excited to be blogging and not have to squint, wear sunglasses, and sweat!  Mr. BBH got some blinds on for me on the window next to my computer and Silhouette Cameo.  

You can even see that I have my 'Choose Joy' Printable from Lil Blue Boo on my Bulletin Board.  

We had a night out last night with some friends and went to the best and worst restaurant.  

Ajishin- It is a Japanese Udan and Sushi place but they had really bad service and we waited a really really long time.  Since we were waiting so long, we just figured we would get a table soon.  

They let someone else get a table ahead of us and we heard that is a common thing that they do.  But the Udan is so good, that we might go back again....

Thursday, March 22, 2012

My weird shopping addiction

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I have been thinking about this all day and I have no way to explain it:  I have an addiction to returning things.  

I think I might even buy things to return them.   

My family knows about it and my husband teases me about it.   My {aunt} Tia told me that I even did it when I was little.  

Today it was so bad.  I went to Target to get ONE thing and came out spending $187 {that I don't have to spend}.  I got to the car with Baby Bear and marched back in to return everything except what I came for   {be honest} Plus a work-out tank top (on sale for $18), Sunglasses from the 'Deal Spot', and dish soap.  I may even go and return the tank (ugh).  

I shop and then I regret the money that I spent or decide that I do not need a new one or or or... I have so many excuses in my head to why I do this. 

When I lived abroad, they did not let you return things.  I NEVER purchased things unless I really wanted it because I knew that it could not be returned.  I only really purchased  food since I knew that I didn't really need anything.   Plus, since everything was so fresh and close to buy, you only really buy a few days worth of fruit, veggies, dairy and bread.  

I have a few more things that I purchased that I don't need, but after that, I am NOT going to return for a month.  Lets see if it works!  Plus, I want to be as green as possible and cut out the unnecessary waste.  

this is not my real receipt..I found it on the internet ;)
 Does anyone else have this problem? Advice?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

5 Minute {Doll} Wagon Tutorial

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You have to try this, Baby Bear LOVES this so much and drags it everywhere (and has been known to sit inside). 

5 minute recycled wagon tutorial

It all started because my sister has a random pile of stuff that she is "storing" at my parents house.  There were 2 packs of wheels that looked really fun and begged me to take them home for a DIY project to share.  I knew that I wanted to use them to make a wagon, but I needed to wait until the weather got nice enough to play with it both outside and inside! 

materials needed for wagon

Glue gun
Paper bag or wrapping paper
Ribbon or Rope
note: I heard they also have cheep caster wheels at Ikea


Start by cutting the off the box top flaps. You can see that I re-used my Zappos Box to make this.  I always remember that I need new shoes at night, so I just order them online to save time.  Plus since I have a bad foot from a car accident  there are not very many shoes that I can choose from.  These were Brooks gym shoes. 

Next, open your paper bag carefully on the seam line.  Then you will cut a line for the corners.  Measure the depth and that will be the length of you cut.  You will then fold it like a present with the blank side out and glue around with your glue gun to hold it down on all sides.  

Depending on what wheels you have, you may need to make a small hole in the corner to insert the caster pin.  (Make sure that it stays under the paper bag when viewed from the top.)  Use lots of glue around the wheel and let it cool before starting to glue the next wheel.  After the wheels are glue, you can cut another piece of paper bag to cover the folded edges.  

For the handle, use a scrap piece of ribbon or yarn.  I had a piece from a Buy Buy Baby gift (looks familiar huh!).  I cut a hole and then tied a bow around.

Then I glued the loose end over to make it look like a pretty bow.  

Now time to decorate!  We used some stickers that we got from Stephanie Corfee.  (she is an incredible artist and makes WAY more then stickers).  Plus Baby Bear took out her markers and started to color. 

5 minute wagon pix

We want to see pictures of your wagon! 

WEDNESDAY--Yeah, my kid eats seaweed

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wednesday stamp

Baby Bear love seaweed! 

I have gotten many compliments from other mothers, but my only secret is - that there is no such thing as 'kid foods'.  She eats whatever we eat and sometimes she likes it, and sometimes she doesn't...but if you don't try it them you will never know!  

Sunday, March 18, 2012

RePurpose (HGTV's Cash & Cari Filming)

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My BBH & I went to an estate sale really close to our house from RePurpose Estate Sales and HGTV's Cash & Cari.  I signed up for emails since I *LOVE* the show since it closely dovetails what I do with  re-using materials.  

cari cucksey & I

I admit, that I was not going to purchase anything, but noticed a poster by Marc Chagall as I was walking out the door to leave.  

The painting 
It reminded me of my first job working for The Roth Collection and looking at all of the beautiful posters that Elon Roth collected (in the small basement bomb shelter converted into a state-of-the-art preservation facility). 

It is supposed to be a rare poster and we brought it to the Danielle Peleg Gallery for preservation and to see if they could verify this (and will let you know what we find)

Mr BBH, loved this (from Danielle Peleg Gallery) and I think I may use if for upcycled DIY in the future.....

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Making things come alive in any way possible

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Making things come alive in any way possible

Tabernacle to Eat

I have a student that I need to do really intricate projects with to help him understand concepts.  This week's Torah portion is about the way that the Mishkan was created by Betzelel.  We made our own Tabernacle out of graham crackers, frosting, gummy things.  You can even see the angels on top.  I prefer not to do sweets, but this student needs something specific to peak his interest.  

You can use this teaching moment to create things out of history, math, science concepts, etc.  The important part is to be creative!

Wednesday 3/14/12 Secret Pleasures of Mommyhood

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wednesday stamp

Today I was able to snap a photo while I was cuddling with Baby Bear. 

She has Hand Foot & Mouth and didn't sleep very well for the past couple nights, but she was very cuddly today and wanted to keep cuddling with me after she woke up.  Mr. BBH works night in the hospital, so we got to do a day cuddle with Baby Bear in the Middle.  

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My new Summer Treat for Baby Bear

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My new Summer Treat for Baby Bear

popsicles with hidden veggies stamp

I love to put veggies in everything that Baby Bear Eats.  She hasn't wanted to eat them lately (but I always put them un-hidden on her plate so she can choose).  I found these really fun Popsicle holders that are chubby and small kid friendly for Baby Bear to use.  Plus they look like big kid ice cream.   They needed a creamy filling since they look like regular cones, so this is what I came up with.

ingredients for healthy popsicles


  • Blentec Blender (you need a GOOD blender for chopping the spinach)
  • 2 really brown bananas 
  • Hand full spinach or celery 
  • Re-usable Popsicle holders (makes around 8, or 4 with a yummy smoothie to eat now)

(it is a very mild green, start out with less spinach and add to taste)
  • Any other fruits that you want to add (the ratio to banana should stay 2/3 banana in the mix)


Break up the fruits and put the liquids in the blender at the bottom.   You will want to blend until everything is smooth and evenly blended (no spinach pieces should be visable) 

healthy popsicles filled
Make sure to taste the mixture to make sure it is creamy and delicious.  If not, add more banana! 

healthy pops ready to freeze

Press the Tops on, and freeze for at least 4 hours


(& you don't need tell them about the veggies- it kinda looks like chocolate anyway)

If you need some popsicle holders like I have go here
For a Blendtech go here
For a Vitamix (similar to Blendtech) go here

& don't forget to enter our GIVEWAY

Torah People in a Box

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~I am Featured in the Passover Farbrengen Magazine~

I love making crafts because it makes the stories and themes of the holidays come alive.  

One of my favorite bloggers {Ashley Hackshaw from Lil Blue Boo} recently made some Super Hero people out of wood that were so cute.   I thought that would be a fun way to make Torah people to play with.  The only problem that I had was that the wood people used were not great for tiny hands to get to stand up easily.  

I looked around and found some other wood pieces that you can make chubby people out of!  This is really easy to make for or with your children and my baby could not keep her hands off the people because they look so fun to play with!

passover graphic
Click the above graphic to go to The Shul for Step by Step Tutorial Instructions  

Wood glue
4 wooden Eggs with a flat bottom
Pack of Woodsies Head Rounds
Paint and Paint brushes
Black Sharpie Marker
Wooden Box with closure
Optional-chalkboard paint , chalk, and sealer is ‘craft smart’ brand and they also have the sealer and chalkboard paint in the same small bottles where they sell the acrylic paint.

First take the heads and glue them to the point of the eggs and let dry (preferably overnight) 

Now draw out the features with a pencil and then paint the body leaving the faces blank (that will go as the last step).   And paint your people to look like Moses, Miriam, Aaron & Pharoh.  

After the Paint is dry, add your face and details with your Sharpie marker.  

For the box you will want to paint the inside and bottom with the black chalkboard paint so you can stand it up to create your scenes.   

Now you are ready to play!  

Monday, March 12, 2012

My favorite shoes

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And no, you can't even wear them outside. They are Bontrager indoor cycling shoes.

I just love to ride in a spin class and free my mind while burning calories

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Seder Plate Tutorial with free Silhouette Studio file download

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Seder Plate Tutorial 
{With Free Silhouette Studio file download}

Passover is coming so fast and this will be the first Passover is our new house! You can use this tutorial to make a personalized plate or a plate for other holidays too using the same steps, so keep reading even if you do not need a Seder Plate.

tutorial stamp

I was originally going to make this a glass etching tutorial, but the etching is much better suited for a clear glass surface, so I will save that for later.  I added way too many steps to this process by first etching and then having to go back and fill in with glass paint.
baby bear hugs seder plate tutorial

    pobeo vitrea paint on the seder plate
    • Glass plate
    • Contact paper
    • Seder Plate Download or  xacto knife cut out pattern & exacto knife
    • Pebeo Vitrea Glass Paint
    • Paint Brush

    First print out the Seder Plate Template or cut out with your Silhouette Cameo Machine.  Make sure to load the contact paper into your silhouette with the sticker backing facing up.  If you are going to cut out the stencil with an exacto knife, make sure that you cut the correct side before doing all of the work! (Trust me, it took a few tries with the Silhouette when I first got the machine).  

    If you want to trace the design onto the contact paper before cutting, be sure to use clear contact paper.  Tape the design onto a window with lots of light coming through.  Then put your clear contact paper over it and tape that on top.  Now you can see though to your design behind like a light box! 


    Stick your contact paper sticker onto the clean glass surface and make sure to smooth out around the lettering so that you have no openings.  It may help to mark where you are sticking it with a grease pen, then use the 'wrong end' of a pen to smooth over the letters. 

    seder plate sticker with paint

    Now use your Pebeo Vitrea Glass Paint to fill in your stencil opening with your paintbrush.  You may need more then one coat.  Let it dry for a few minutes and go over it if you need to.  Wait until dry and then slowly peel off the sticker and fill in any areas that you need and use and exacto to clean any mess off your design.  

    seder plate after painting

    You will need to let the finished design dry for 24 hours.  

    bake at 160 for 40 minutes

    Then put the plate in the oven and bake on 160 for 40 minutes.  You want to put the plate in the oven before you turn the oven on so that it does not crack from the heat shock. 

    (My oven has 170 as the lowest setting, so I used that)  

    bake the glass plate

    When the 40 minutes are up, turn the oven off and leave the plate in the oven until the oven is cool and the plate is cool to the touch.  If you take it out too soon, it could crack from cooling down to fast. 

    finished seder plates

    I hope that you will enjoy and cherish this potential heirloom piece of Judaica!

    Now you will need to get all of your Seder plate items ready:

    a Shank bone, an Egg, Bitter Herbs, Choroset, A Green Vegetable & Bitter Herbs.  To find out more about how to prepare your Seder, please check out Passover.org

    You can buy one of these Seder Plates, email me



    Don't Forget to enter our giveaway!

    PS. the long seder plate is not a Kosher Seder plate

    Baby Bear vs ME

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    Everyone thinks that Baby Bear looks the same as I did as a baby.  Most of our friends say that she looks exactly like Mr. BBH.  When you put the photos together, I don't see me at all in her!  Her lips and eyes are for sure Mr. BBH.  


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    I am so excited that I just got a composting bucket as a present.  

    What a weird present you think?!  Yes, but I really really want to start composting my kitchen waste.  

    It pains me to think of all of the things that we through away that could be used for a  much better purpose.  All of the food scraps that are tossed in the trash actually have a negative effect on our planet.  They release methane gas when they are caught in the land fill1 .  

    I have never actually officially composted with a whole system, but I did toss some yard waste onto my garden to compost into the soil.  I also added a large container of night crawler worms to my garden to get those nutrient rich castings to naturally fertilize the soil.  

    I will keep you updated and will share how I make my composting bin when my bucket gets filled!

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