Wednesday, March 21, 2012

5 Minute {Doll} Wagon Tutorial

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You have to try this, Baby Bear LOVES this so much and drags it everywhere (and has been known to sit inside). 

5 minute recycled wagon tutorial

It all started because my sister has a random pile of stuff that she is "storing" at my parents house.  There were 2 packs of wheels that looked really fun and begged me to take them home for a DIY project to share.  I knew that I wanted to use them to make a wagon, but I needed to wait until the weather got nice enough to play with it both outside and inside! 

materials needed for wagon

Glue gun
Paper bag or wrapping paper
Ribbon or Rope
note: I heard they also have cheep caster wheels at Ikea


Start by cutting the off the box top flaps. You can see that I re-used my Zappos Box to make this.  I always remember that I need new shoes at night, so I just order them online to save time.  Plus since I have a bad foot from a car accident  there are not very many shoes that I can choose from.  These were Brooks gym shoes. 

Next, open your paper bag carefully on the seam line.  Then you will cut a line for the corners.  Measure the depth and that will be the length of you cut.  You will then fold it like a present with the blank side out and glue around with your glue gun to hold it down on all sides.  

Depending on what wheels you have, you may need to make a small hole in the corner to insert the caster pin.  (Make sure that it stays under the paper bag when viewed from the top.)  Use lots of glue around the wheel and let it cool before starting to glue the next wheel.  After the wheels are glue, you can cut another piece of paper bag to cover the folded edges.  

For the handle, use a scrap piece of ribbon or yarn.  I had a piece from a Buy Buy Baby gift (looks familiar huh!).  I cut a hole and then tied a bow around.

Then I glued the loose end over to make it look like a pretty bow.  

Now time to decorate!  We used some stickers that we got from Stephanie Corfee.  (she is an incredible artist and makes WAY more then stickers).  Plus Baby Bear took out her markers and started to color. 

5 minute wagon pix

We want to see pictures of your wagon! 

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