Sunday, November 16, 2014

Edible Math Fun for Preschoolers

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Baby Bear loves patterns and numbers, so we took some of her M&M snack and played some games during our tea party.  

You don't need anything special for counting with little ones.  Even your food can do! Start with easy things like numbers and counting.

Then move on to color sorting, sequencing from most to least, patterns, and sizes.

Work up to creating patterns, shapes, and anything else you can imagine.

Making a game out of things that will seem harder later on for children helps to build a foundation of good math memories.  

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

alphabet hopscotch

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We are taking advantage of the last precious warm days outside.  Baby Bear is learning letters in preschool, so I try to find fun ways to reinforce it at home.  

You don't need anything special do this besides chalk. 

I showed baby Bear how to draw a hopscotch board and we filled it in with letters.  Then we just learned to do the hopping on one foot to open on two feet move that you do with using a hopscotch.  

After getting the movements down, we played the game using letters.  It was so much fun that a friend joined us.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Love Letters from Baby Bear

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Thanks to Baby Bear's amazing teachers, she has begun to compose writing pieces.  I always that that authoring meant that one had to be physically writing things down by oneself, but it does not!  Make sure to tell them that they are writing and authoring so they know the vocabulary associated with it.  

When your children cannot write themselves, it is totally OK to write thing that they compose down and keep it to treasure.  These two incredibly imaginative pieces were things that the teacher wrote down from Naomi to Mr. BBH and I.  The more imagination the better and they are incredibly beautiful!  

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