Saturday, October 27, 2012

Raising a Bilingual Child {2 years old}

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raising a bilingual child 

 I know that every time I post about Baby Bear's Language it seems like I am amazing by how her language development is changing, but it is such an incredible process to watch.

Now Baby Bear can speak in large sentences in both Hebrew and English. He imitates what we say like a parrot until she can use the words in a sentence for herself.  She also LOVES to sing songs and will sing along to the songs on her kids song CD.  Mr. BBH and I can't stand it when she does this because it is so cute with her little voice singing. 

She loves to use the words for 'me, I, and mine' or sometimes just uses her name in the sentence.  But it has changed more to her using pronouns in place of her name.  She loves to point out the people that she knows or to name them.  If we are all together as a family, she will go around the table and have everyone do something like 'clink' her glass and she will repeat what she wants each one to do using their name.  

Today, so told my Dad how to say something in Hebrew when he asked her what the Hebrew word for something was.  I couldn't believe that she understood that he wanted her to say something in the other language that she knows.  I know that she understands that these are two different languages, but I did not know that she understood the name of the two languages and understood what he wanted to know.  

The one thing that really bugs me with her translating is that she will call me Ima {the Hebrew word for Mom} and then will call me Mommy to people that speak English or refer to me in conversation as Mommy.  


  1. That is so great that you are teaching her two languages!! Hubby speaks a little French, Dutch, and German and I speak a little French and Arabic, so we are trying to teach CJ all kinds of words.

    New follower via the Mom's Mingle.

    Lindsey from

  2. That is great that you are teaching your children lots of different languages, it is so great for their little brains! If you want to share your experiences, I am looking for some guest posters while I have my baby (due thanksgiving)


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