Friday, October 26, 2012

5 Must Haves When Bringing Home Baby

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5 must haves when bringing home baby

You honestly don't need very much at home to bring home a newborn. It is our custom that we don't buy anything for the baby until after they are born.  We were told that if people give us things then it was OK, but we should wait until baby arrives to buy everything we need.  I know that most people have baby showers and get all of the loot before the baby is born, so this list is a good way to register for products that you will need and to have all of these things ready when bringing home baby.  Also, you don't need to buy everything new.  There are great resale stores like Once Upon a Child or shopping on Craigslist where you can find things in almost new condition {saving the earth and your money}

A Car Seat

baby in a graco metrolite car seat
Baby Bear as a newborn
graco car seat and base
We personally have the Graco MetroLite with 2 bases that we used for Baby Bear.  I also think that the new Graco Click Connect 40 for bringing home baby would be a great option (read about it here).  I highly advise AGAINST the stroller system. The strollers are really bulky and heavy to lug around for using with the car seat. Instead get a Graco SnugRider Infant Car Seat Stroller Frame or other Snap and Go stroller (they even make double for twins).  There is a large storage bin under and it is really light and easy to use.

Baby Wearing Wrap
babies in wrap and carrier
Me on the Right with Baby Bear in the wrap

I think that some of Baby Bear's even keel personality is due to the fact that I 'wore' here almost constantly for the first few months.   Not only was this great for her, but I could also go around and do whatever I need 'hands free'! You can use the wrap in a myriad of different ways and you can also do some incognito nursing in them.  I recommend that you only purchase a WOVEN wrap.  The popularly sold jersey material ones stretch out very fast and you have to keep adjusting. I originally purchased a Hoppediz brand wrap from Be By Baby  in Chicago {love that store!}. I chose a boring brown color one since Mr. BBH also wore Baby Bear.   I also made some lighter weight wraps with my Baby Bear Hugs Label {email me to order $40}

baby bear hugs wrap

Nursing Gear

If you are planning on nursing your baby, it is great to be prepared with a few things right off the bat.  Some hospitals have rental machines and give out some of the parts during your hospital stay.  I have a Medela Pump in Style and it works great and can travel anywhere with you (has a battery pack attachment).  

The best nursing pillow is a Boppy Pillow.  I originally got a Breast Friend, but it only really worked well for me for the first month and you are limited in how you can sit and nurse.  

You may want to add some Nipple Cream to your hospital bag.  I like the Motherlove Herbal Nipple Cream  since I know that it is safe for me and baby to ingest.   My other secret for sore nipples are the Medela Breast Shells.  A friend told me about them and it helps them to dry so you have less chance of chapped or sore nipples.  You will also need some nursing pads.  I suggest the eco friendly re-usable ones.  They are much softer and better for the environment.  I found some cute ones on Etsy by DingandKennie.

dad with baby in arm's reach cosleeper

We didn't have a crib set up for Baby Bear until she was older. We used the Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper so I could easily nurse her.  She also slept great knowing that we were right near her. Learn how to do a good swaddle or get a Swaddleme so that they sleep good on their backs.  


One of the keys that I found to keep Baby Bear calm and happy was her swing.  We had the Fisher-Price Cradle n Swing, My Little Lamb.  It was adjustable so that you could lay it all the way back like a cradle and you could adjust the swing direction.  For the first few months, this was a great way to get Baby Bear to settle down and take a nap.  

PS.  Read The Happiest Baby on The Block by Dr. Karp to see other reasons that I love my swing and swaddle so much!
baby bear hugs on pregnancy and birth


  1. I had a swing similar for my son! They are so great and babies love them

  2. These a great tips for new mommas. We just had our first 3 months ago and I've loved our swing and baby carrier!

    I'm a new follower from Mom's Monday Mingle! :) I look forward to following along!

    Stop by and say hi sometime!


  3. I love this post. We have one son and are expecting another. We didn't have a co-sleeper with him, but I feel insprired to get one now!


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