Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Due Date Unknown?

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Last Thursday I went to the Dr. for an ultrasound to check on the placenta location.  It was low in the beginning, so they were supposed to recheck later to make sure that it was not previa (a condition where the placenta grows over the cervix.  The placenta usually starts low and travels up the uterus as it grows so that it is out of the way during delivery.) 

The tech starts the ultrasound and I could see the baby's heartbeat and the tech was explaining what the different parts where.  She started doing measurements and got really quiet.  She kept measuring and remeasuring the different baby parts. I finally asked if everything was OK, she just 'couldn't get a good picture for the measurement'.  Then she asked me what the due date was and looked in my chart and wanted to double check when my last cycle was.  Then she said she 'would be right back' and brought the Doctor.  

The Doctor said that they think the date is off by 3 weeks!  It looks like baby will be here 3 weeks earlier.  I thought that the date was a little off in the beginning, but it was in my favor in case baby came late and I would not have to worry about being induced.  The other alternative is that the baby is really really big. Mr. BBH is 6'3", so it may be a big baby also.  

Personally, I think that both of these 2 scenarios are right, the date is off by at least a week and baby will be on the bigger size.

Now the due date dilemma .. 
when I am really due?  

They are going to wait until the first week in November and decide when they think the baby will really come.  I guess whenever baby wants to come is really the answer anyway! 

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