Friday, October 12, 2012

Potty Training

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no more diapers 

I wish I could take more credit for Baby Bear giving up her diapers for big girl pants but she decided on her own that she wanted to use the potty!  

About a month ago she asked at my mom's house if she could go "peepy potty" and continued to ask a few more times that week.  I didn't want to push the idea since she was not even 2 yet and decided to wait and see what she was going to do.  I got a treasure box and filled it with little prizes, got stickers and made a chart to see what would happen if I gave her stickers and a prize for going on the potty.  My Aunt suggested that we wrap the prizes.  I didn't originally do this, but Baby Bear got picky when the treasure box started to empty out and she would take a lot of time choosing. I decided to wrap the presents and it has made things more fun and fast.  We also started adding a book at bedtime about using the potty she she got the idea of what she needed to do.  

potty chart with stickers

The next time that she asked to go on the potty, I made a really big deal with clapping and "Yay!" then let her choose a sticker to put on the chart.  She loved this and then got to choose a prize.  

prize box for kids
You don't need a Fancy Treasure box since you want them to see what is inside and get excited about using the potty.  I chose a clear shoe box that I already owned and keep it on the back of the toilet for encouragement. 

After a few hours she wanted more stickers and prizes, so I told her it was only for when she went on the potty.  She would sometimes just want to sit on the potty so that she could get a prize and a sticker, so I let her do this a few times until I said she had to actually do something.  After 2 weeks with no accidents, we went and got big girl pants and she has been dry ever since! 

ikea lattsam kids potty

We originally picked up an Ikea potty and left it out in the bathroom so Baby Bear could see it.  For MONTHS she would just sit on it in her clothes if we were in the bathroom but the important thing I think is that she knew what it was.  

potty topper for toilet training
My best friend suggested a potty seat that fit on the real potty like this sesame street potty.  That way you don't have to worry about cleaning out the yucky stuff from the potty and it makes the toddler feel like a big kid since they sit on the same potty that you do.  It also has a hook so you can hang it on the side of the seat stays so it is off of the floor.   

  Baby Bear even made the connection that Mr. BBH and I both wear big pants and babies wear diapers.  I am so proud of Baby Bear wanting to a big girl {and a little sad that my baby is growing up}!


  1. After about a year of potty training, using regular diapers and pull-ups I finally got frustrated and went with the NO DIAPER method. Within a few days our daughter GOT IT. Now she wears diaper only to bed!

    1. Congrats! What is the no diaper method? Please share!


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