Saturday, December 29, 2012

7 Free Printable Month Stickers Round-up

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Monthly Photos-Free Printable Month Stickers Roundup

Things have been crazy around here with my 2 little Bears. I really wanted to design my own printable month stickers for you BUT the amazing internet already has some really great options to try that are already created {one less thing off my plate, phew}!! I loved the recent collage that a friend did of her daughter Alexis with all of the monthly onesie stickers.  You can use them for baby pictures or for months of pregnancy! 

Pick out one of the designs that you like and print them on
 paper, stickers or iron transfer 
{don't forget to mirror the image for the iron transfer}
Monthly Photos-Free Printable Month Stickers Roundup
click here for these by Mom & Wife

Monthly Photos-Free Printable Month Stickers Roundup

click here for these  by KarenCookieJar

Monthly Photos-Free Printable Month Stickers Roundup
click here for these by B is for Boy
She even has a tutorial to make it with a gift bag

Monthly Photos-Free Printable Month Stickers Roundup
Click here for these by Simplee Crafted
You can choose from Boy or Girl versions.
{She also has a PNG file to virtually add the month after the photo}

Monthly Photos-Free Printable Month Stickers Roundup
Click here for these by Jessica G via Shutterfly

Monthly Photos-Free Printable Month Stickers Roundup

click here for these by Soubelles
They are just plain Jane numbers and you print them on the paper of your choice to customize

Monthly Photos-Free Printable Month Stickers Roundup

Click here for these by KarenCookieJar

Monthly Photos-Free Printable Month Stickers Roundup

Click here for these by Parties By Hardie via Tip Junkie
There are a bunch of different colors to choose.  Just tell your printer what pages to print.

7 Free Printable Month Stickers Round-up

**You can make them for yourself or print them out for new mom friend and iron on as a great gift, but please don't sell them, these artists worked really hard to give you something nice and free.**

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Princess and The Pea

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Baby Bear's newest favorite thing is the story of 'Pin-cess Pea'.  My sister got her a story book of all different princess stories when she was born and she just started loving all things princess.  

princess fairy tail book

Of all the princess stories that are in the book, she likes Princess and The Pea to be read every night.  If you ask her what Princes she is she will say 'Pin-cess Pea'.  

I realized this week that Baby Bear is really like 'Pin-cess Pea' (and not just because she likes to wear a tulle skirt with all of her clothes).  It has to do with a Mini Bear.

Mini Bear~aka the Pea in this story

While things have really calmed down with the new Mini Bear in the house and Baby Bear is getting used to it, she still does not like  anyone to pay attention to Mini.  The second that anyone that comes over looks at Mini, Baby Bear can sense in wants attention.  She is very cute, so it is hard to ignore her if she starts to sing or dance.  Anything that is Mini's is suddenly "Mine, mine, mine!"  I try to indulge Baby Bear and pay as much attention to her when Mini is napping so she still feels special even though this means that my house is very messy and the laundry is piling up.  I know that I have to have a middle ground but for the first month I am giving in.  

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Keeping Kids Active in the Winter {Part I}

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Keeping Kids Active in the Winter {Part I}

I am trying to find some fun active things for Baby Bear to do while I am nursing or doing something else for Mini Bear.  My sister had an idea to do yoga with her.  We looked on YouTube for kids yoga videos.  We watched a couple until we found Cosmic Kids Yoga.  We set up the iPad and Baby Bear's aunt did it with her the first few times so that she got the idea.

toddler doing yoga

Cosmic Yoga Kids is not just a regular yoga routine that kids can do.  It is created with fun stories that are acted out by Jaime the Yogini with cartoon backgrounds that enhance the  story.  Jaime writes the stories on her own in her studio in England.  She does a faster pace yoga with modified positions that both kids and adults can easily follow.  

toddler doing yoga

Besides being a great fitness activity that can be done indoors in the cold weather, it helps kids to learn concentration and calm.

toddler doing yoga

This is Jaime the Yogini.  She a joined by her friends Squish the Fish, Parsnip the Cat and Kickapoo the Kangaroo.

Click to watch one of the yoga videos 
(the first DVD just came out that you can buy here)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Life with 2 little bears

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I feel like I passed a secret test today.  I took my 2 little Bears with me out of the house alone.  Baby Bear needed to use the potty and Mini Bear needed a diaper change.  I helped Baby Bear onto the potty with one hand and held Mini with the other. It seemed like I was on autopilot and I was Super Mom not even thinking of how I was going to do everything at once.  

Mini Bear 2 weeks

Baby Bear is slowly getting used to the idea of Mini Bear as her sister.  When she first came to the hospital, she was excited to see the baby for all of two minutes. 

Baby Bear seeing Mini Bear for the first time (held by Grandma)
Now she will ask where Mini Bear is if she does not see her but otherwise she just ignores her.  

Great Grandma and Mini Bear

Monday, December 17, 2012

Great Holiday Gift- Kidkraft Lil' Doll High Chair

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KidKraft makes such nice kids toys that last and last and we love the heirloom quality of the Kidkraft Lil' Doll High Chair. 

Even though the chair itself is a nice size, it comes in a pretty compact box that is great for holiday giving and easy gift wrapping.  It requires assembly but it took me less than 5 minutes to put it together with just a screw driver.  

kidkraft lil' doll high chair

The Kidkraft Lil' Doll High Chair has a nice white laquered wood finish and there is a scalloped trim and filigree cutout. Plus it has a pink and white rattle bar, foot rest and can accommodate a 19" doll.  Baby Bear was so excited that she could open and close the tray on the chair like a 'real' high chair and she could help the doll play with the rattle bar. 

I love giving Baby Bear things to play with that she gets to use her imagination and play pretend with.  Especially with the new baby, I think it is really important that Baby Bear can play with her toys to act things out like her mommy is doing. 

Baby Bear was so excited when she saw the high chair.  
That night when she ate dinner, she insisted that her doll sit in the high chair next to her.  She requested a bowl and spoon so that she could feed her teddy bear named Shoobie-Doobie she asked for a bib and pretended to feed her doll. 

You can buy the Lil' Doll High Chair here and find the Kidkraft facebook page here (like it and find out about all the newest products)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Super Creamy Macaroni Recipe Secret

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Super Creamy Macaroni Recipe Secret

Baby Bear loves macaroni 'rone-ee'.  She is very picky about the consistency of the cheese if I make the box kind.  I don't buy milk to drink, so we usually use almond or soy milk instead with the butter. I had some extra kefir this week from my Awesome Granola Recipe and decided to try that instead of the milk and butter.  It was delicious!  This last time that I made it, I had some plain yogurt and it was even better! 

Box of Mac & Cheese 
{we like the new Kraft with veggie pasta so sneak in some extra veggies}

1/3 cup plain yogurt or kefir 
{we like the brands that don't use hormones in their cows like Horizon, Trader Joes, or Stonyfield}

Make your noodles like you regularly would  and add the 1/3 cup yogurt to your noodles and stir

Mix well and serve!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Is it that time yet?

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{Written 11/28 while waiting in the hospital}

before the c-section

Is it time for baby yet?  I am scheduled for C-section for Thursday and early Wednesday morning I was awoken with a strong contraction.  I got up and walked around a little bit.  I had had some Braxton Hicks and wasn't feeling so great the day before.  I decided to take a shower 'just in case' at around 4 AM.  When I got out of the shower, Mr. BBH asked what was going on... If I wasn't going to have a C-section, I would have waited at home until the contractions got closer together.  We decided to go to the hospital since I was going to have to have the surgery anyway and I didn't need to go through all of the labor (one of the 'bright sides' that I was trying to find).  

I got to the hospital at 5:45 AM and the contracts got more erratic and so when I was hooked up in the triage area the intake Dr. made it seem like we were going to go home.  I was only 1 cm dilated.   

We had to wait for the on-call Dr. for my practice to come and see me before any decisions were made.  She had to do a surgery and we had to wait until around 8:30 AM to see her.  She told us that the only way that they could justify doing the c-section early was if #1, I had 'true' contractions (which they were not at this point) or #2, I had dilated further.  I dilated to a 3!  Dr. Wang, was so surprised because I was talking,smiling, and joking with her.  

It took until 11:30 that they took me into the OR.  Mr. BBH had to wear a suit that covered his clothes.  He is 6'3", so it was almost too small!   

They take you into the OR and then give you a spinal block.  That feeling you get of numbness in your legs was really the scariest part.  Besides that, I didn't feel anything.  I could hear the Dr and nurses making small talk which I found odd since I was awake and could hear everything.  Mr. BBH put some soothing music on for me with his ear buds.  It seemed like forever before they took the baby out and I got to see her.

After it was all done, they took me back to the room.  I was feeling OK and Mini Bear was healthy.  That was more important to me then choosing the way that I wanted to give birth.  

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Leaving my childhood home behind

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My parents lived in the same house since I was 3.  My brother and sister were born and  grew up in that house.  I lived there until college, then again for a few months when we first moved back from Israel and then from Chicago.  It has really been over 15 years since I lived there though.  I 'gave up' my room to my little sister when I moved to Israel (I had the biggest bedroom).  It was an homage to the 90's complete with laminate kitchen, vintage John Morgan designed built ins and textured walls in the dining room.  BUT, I still felt that it was my comfort place.  They did do some updates recently (I wish I had pictures of the 90's style to show you!)  to make the house more appealing and bringing the style slightly closer to the new millennium.   All of the meals and holidays that we celebrated as a family felt so comfy and cozy when we were at my parent's house.  

My parents have tried on and off to move since I was in middle school and there was always something that did not work out.  Now that they are truly empty-nesters, they decided that they needed to move and we were all so surprised at how fast the house sold.  

Now at age 31, I was having a crisis that my parents were leaving my childhood home.  My feel good place of refuge.  I know that we all felt it and were so sad that my parents were leaving the house.  We heard from the neighbors that the new owner cut down 2 of the big beautiful trees in the front that we planted as kids and our hearts were heavy. But I do know that I will always have all of the memories and there will be new family gatherings at my own house that have that happy feeling for as all since the most important thing is our family and not a house. 

Here is the video that the Real Estate Agent Made if you want a peek into the house I grew up in.
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