Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Super Creamy Macaroni Recipe Secret

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Super Creamy Macaroni Recipe Secret

Baby Bear loves macaroni 'rone-ee'.  She is very picky about the consistency of the cheese if I make the box kind.  I don't buy milk to drink, so we usually use almond or soy milk instead with the butter. I had some extra kefir this week from my Awesome Granola Recipe and decided to try that instead of the milk and butter.  It was delicious!  This last time that I made it, I had some plain yogurt and it was even better! 

Box of Mac & Cheese 
{we like the new Kraft with veggie pasta so sneak in some extra veggies}

1/3 cup plain yogurt or kefir 
{we like the brands that don't use hormones in their cows like Horizon, Trader Joes, or Stonyfield}

Make your noodles like you regularly would  and add the 1/3 cup yogurt to your noodles and stir

Mix well and serve!

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  1. oh that looks delicious...if only I could have dairy.


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