Thursday, November 29, 2012

Welcome Mini Bear!

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baby announcement
welcome Mini Bear born 11/28/12 9lbs 3oz

DIY Newborn photo ideas

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I wanted to have a few photo ideas up my sleeves for #2's first days. I heard that the hospital that we are delivering at does not have a good photographer so I want to get some things ready for when baby comes home or things that Mr. BBH can bring to the hospital. I recently purchased an entry level Cannon Rebel SLR camera so that I can start doing incredible photography and stop using my iPhone for all my photos! 

The only tip that I can give you is to take TONS of photos.  What I learned in art school is that a good photographer is a good editor.  Just snap away and look at the photos after because sometimes the best photos are when the baby is not doing what you want them to do.  We have an incredible photo of Baby Bear where she is playing with a pearl necklace and looking down.  

If you have a manual camera, you can manipulate the settings to get incredible photos.  I found this Miguel Gantioqui Photography Cheat Sheet on Pinterest to use.  If you have lots of time before baby, I recommend what my photography professor had us do, take a picture long and write down your settings taking a picture of one object.  This way you will know how it makes the image look and will help you use your camera more effectively!  

Prop ideas
Colored Blankets
Textured Fabric 
Feather Boa
Stuffed Animals

Butcher Paper Roll 
Wrapping Paper 

Poses For Inspiration that I Pinned on Pinterest:

I found a bunch of different photos for inspiration that have different ideas and set-ups. 

  photo from
photo from

photo from

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Raising a Bilingual Child {2 years 2 months}

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raising a bilingual child אני מדברת עברית
raising a bilingual child

It was so nice to be able to be with family for Thanksgiving.  We don't usually get together with my 2nd cousins for Thanksgiving, so it was a nice treat!  There are now 4 little kids- 1 baby, 2 toddlers, 1 elementary school kid.  

toddler laying on a small couch reading a Dr. Suess book
"I want to sit on the couch and read 'Dog Go!'"

Baby Bear loved to see all the cousins.  After dinner, my uncle took out his guitar and all of the kids LOVED singing and dancing to the music.  We were amazed to see that Baby Bear can even give requests for songs and can sing most of the words.  Even the songs that she did not know, she got the words after hearing everyone sing them. The next day at Shabbat dinner she also sang along to all of the songs and prayers that we sing.  I am so proud that she is able to say that prayers at such a young age and really enjoy doing it.

Baby Bear also started to question what things are.  I mentioned that before, but now she wants a deeper understanding of what, why, who, and how things are.  She will ask questions for example about what something is like "Is that snow?"  She also likes to play games like big or small and is starting to be able to name colors and shapes.  

toddler girl eating ice cream
"I want vanilla ice cream, Mima [my sister] take me"

Baby Bear can also answer questions about what she did that day, tell me what she wants to do or tell me what she is going to do!  She was with my sister at my parents house the other day and I called on my way home.  Baby Bear wanted to talk and was so chatty answering all of my questions and even telling me things that I did not ask.  She used to just say [in Hebrew of course] "hi mommy" and "yes" to my questions. I asked what she was doing and where she was and my dad had to take the phone back and say that they were leaving because Baby Bear just kept talking!  I couldn't believe the change! 

I know that other kids are doing this way before her, but she is doing it in 2 different languages which is so amazing!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Great Holiday Gift- Kidkraft Lil' Doll Cradle

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I learn things hand-on, by doing and touching and pretending. I assume that Baby Bear learns the same way. We really wanted her to understand what it will be like when #2 arrives and received this amazing opportunity to try out the Kidkraft Lil' Doll Cradle.

toddler with Kidkraft Lil' doll cradle and madame alexander doll reading a book

I was really surprised when it arrived and the package was so small. I love that the Kidkraft company packages this big product in a small compact flat box. It requires assembly but it took me less than 5 minutes to put it together with just a screw driver.  It has beautiful scalloped trim and filigree cutouts and can accommodate a 19" doll.  

toddler with Kidkraft Lil' doll cradle and madame alexander doll reading a book

Their products are really nice looking when finished and the construction is very sturdy.  It comes with a mattress, pillow and blanket.  Baby Bear was so excited when she saw what we got for her and immediately knew what to do and grabbed her baby doll put it under the covers.  Then she took out a picture book to read it.  She even rocked the cradle while she read the book.  He doll closes it's eyes when laying down, so she kept telling us "shhh.. baby sleeping!"

toddler with Kidkraft Lil' doll cradle

Baby Bear insisted that the Kidkraft Lil' Doll Cradle sit next to her bed (a Kidkraft Slatted Toddler Bed) and it looks so cute.  She put all of her stuffed animals together in the Lil' Doll Cradle and even added another blanket.  

Having the doll cradle is such a great way for her to use her imagination with her toys and to learn about how to take care of a baby at the same time.  Plus she will have her own doll that she can play with the same way that I will be taking care of the baby.  I think that she will feel more in control of the circumstance if I tell her "baby needs to go to sleep" and we can put her sister in her bed and the doll in the doll bed at the same time. 

toddler with Kidkraft Lil' doll cradle

We highly recommend the Lil' Doll Cradle by Kidkraft and hope that you add it to your holiday gift list!

You can see all the great Kidkraft products here

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Upcycled Leggings DIY {Made from an old T-shirt}

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Upcycled Leggings DIY Made from an old T-shirt
upcycled t-shirt baby leggings tutorial

I have so many t-shirts that I have been hoarding to do upcycled sewing with.  I finally had some time to play around and decided to make a pair of leggings for the new baby.  I made my own pattern and I am going to show you how quick and easy it is.  

Pair of leggings that you want to use as a pattern
Cardboard or Butcher Paper for Pattern
Old T-Shirt with a color or pattern that you like 

leggings for creating a pattern

First place your leggings on your paper.  You will only need one leg for the pattern, so trace around up to the middle seam.  Leave and extra 1 inch at the top for the elastic and 1/4 inch sewing allowance all around the rest of the pattern. 

pattern for leggings

Label your pattern so that you can re-use it and write any instructions that you will need to duplicate it.  

pattern for leggings with t-shirt

Lay your pattern on top of the T-shirt and cut with the middle of the pants on your T-shirt side.  Repeat on the other side of your t-shirt so that when you open the fabric, you will have the front and back of your pants.  My secret so that you do not have to sew the bottom of the leggings is to use the bottom of the t-shirt's existing finish to give it a professional look.  

fabric for baby leggings

Open up your 2 cut pieces and pin the edges.  Iron if necessary. 

This part is best with a serger.  If you do not have a serger, get a double sewing needle or double stitch the hemline.  Serge the outer edges of the leggings and leave only the top seam open. 

Here is my beautiful serger finish! 

This is what your pants should look like when you finish with the serger.  I took my existing leggings to check to make sure that the size was the same and adjust if you need to for the top elastic band. 

Fold your pants inside out.  Now fold over your top seam so that you have just enough room for your elastic band. Mine is 1/2 inch elastic. 

Now take your sewing machine and sew almost all the way around leaving a 2 inch opening.  Pull your elastic band though.  You will want to cut it 1/2 inch shorter then the width of your pants.  Double stitch the elastic and finish sewing your waist band. 

Here is my finished Leggings!  Since I had the pattern on my shirt, it really made these simple leggings really special.  

Please share photos of your finished baby leggings! 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Keep your Kids Teeth Healthy with Candy?

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Can you keep your Kids Teeth Healthy with Candy?
{what? a candy that can improve dental health!?}

I received the opportunity to review Xlear SparX Candy made with Xylitol ($1.49 per tube).   I heard of xylitol as an additive in sugar-free gum being good for cavity prevention but never of a candy that uses xylitol as a sweetener and it can strengthen tooth enamel.   It is such a great idea to improve dental health and strengthen tooth enamel by eating a candy! Candy is usually something that you think about as hurting your teeth.   Plus the best part is that Xlear SparX is sweetened naturally with xylitol, a plant-based, dentist-recommended sweetener that’s been proven to improve dental health and strengthen tooth enamel. Xylitol doesn't interfere with the body’s blood sugar levels or insulin production, making it safe for kids and adults on a sugar-controlled diet.

Our whole family tried the candy and liked the taste.  Baby Bear wanted more since I only gave her a few pieces.   The taste and texture of the SparX was great.  We didn't eat them like skittles, but more like tick-tac's where you have one at a time.  

The major issue that I have is that the packaging looks too much like a medicine bottle and the candy could look like pills.  I don't want to give Baby Bear the idea that she could open a medicine bottle and eat the pills.  I would recommend the product to someone with older children or to everyone if they would change the look and shape of the product and packaging.  

We do LOVE the Kids Spry toothpaste and think that everyone should try it! 

Find Xlear SparX  on Facebook  

I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms MeetSM program, May Media Group LLC, who received itdirectly from the manufacturer. As a Moms MeetSM blogger, I agreed to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions
do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC or the manufacturer of the product.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Garden Haters Continued..

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It has been a whole season and I just got another letter to take out the garden.  If you are wondering what I am talking about, start here.

I sent an email to the board of our condo association originally and they approved the garden 'for the season'.  Then we received a letter in October telling us that it needed to be removed for a different reason that originally stated on the letter that I received.  I went to the board meeting to meet with the board face to face.  I explained that we did not maliciously plant a garden, we saw that other people have things planted in the same area that we planted in and didn't know we needed permission to do so.  {on a side note: I live next door to one of the board members and she did not mention anything either, she did ask what I was doing and could have said something then though!} I told them that I met so many of the neighbors because people were interested and admired our garden.  We also thought it was really nice that people cared about where they lived and wanted to make things more beautiful with plants.  

We also wanted a garden to teach our daughter where food comes from.  She loved to look at the flowers since we usually had lots of bees and butterflies pollinating it.  Baby Bear also loved to pick the veggies.   I also told them if they were worried, I could promise to fill it in if we ever moved.  We were also told by another neighbor that there was another person that had a garden (but they apparently moved).

here is our garden in full bloom this summer 

tomatoes                                     cucumber                                                   cabbage 

 Mr. BBH says I should just leave the issue alone and take out the garden.  I just know that part of the 'issue' is that we chose to plant veggies and not flowers.  All of the other people who have planted various things have not been told to uproot them and put the grass back in.  What do you think?

UPDATE  11/24/12: An email from the property management company:

The Board will be looking at each unit individually for those not in compliance.  Yours was the only "vegetable" garden that we are aware of on site.  The border of your garden is lined with "bricks" instead of an aesthetically appealing border.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Great Apps for New Moms or Moms-to-be

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I love how easy it is to track things and find information on your smart phone.  I have been using pregnancy apps for questions and tracking of my pregnancy with #2  and wanted to share what I found.  I also began to research apps that I can use with a new baby to track feedings and growth by asking friends. 

~Pregnancy Apps~

What to Expect-FREE
what to expect when you're expecting app logo
I read the book What to Expect When Your Expecting when I was pregnant with Baby Bear.  I would read along developmentally where she was at and look up answers to my questions.  It was really cool to be able to use this app and plug all of my information to follow along with #2's development.  There was daily and weekly advise and information about baby that I could read about.  You can also put your own belly photos and talk to other moms at forums. 

what to expect when you're expecting screen shotwhat to expect when you're expecting screen shot

Here are some screen shots

Kick and Contraction Timer-FREE with absolutely no adds!
DMC Maternity App
DMC mobile Maternity App

This is geared towards Detroit moms, but the tools are useful to anyone and there are no annoying adds.  I could track symptoms, measurements, Dr. Appointments, kicks, and contractions in the app.  It has a weekly fact about baby and Tracks the time and size of baby visually with a fruit.  If you are giving birth at a DMC hospital, it will also give you directions to the hospital,help you find a DMC OB/GYN, or give you information about birthing classes.  The only major issue that I have with this app is that if you click out of the app, you have to re-open and go back into what you were doing (the kick counter or contraction counter)

DMC mobile Maternity AppDMC mobile Maternity App
Here are some screen shots

~New Baby Apps~

White Noise App-FREE 
{there is also a paid version}

Sleep Pillow

sleep pillow app

We put this on every time that Baby Bear takes a nap and is not in her room with her white noise maker.  We like the one with the rain, wind and thunder.  Mr. BBH and I even use this when we are not with Baby Bear because it helps to lull us to sleep and keep us asleep since it helps to drown out other noises.
sleep pillow app screen shotsleep pillow app screen shot 
Here are some screen shots

Feeding App $4.99
{for breast and bottle}
Total Baby
total baby app logo
This app was recommended by multiple friends when I asked what a good feeding app was.  You can use this for more then one child.  The breast feeding part is incredible because you can even track your milk storage. 
  It also tracks weight, dirty diapers, sleep time, bath time.  You can use this incredible app also for Doctor visits, vaccines, allergies, and baby milestones.  It will email you and you can also Wi-Fi sync and back up.  I used it last week with Baby Bear when I went to the doctors so that I remembered all of the things that I wanted to ask when her belly was hurting her. It is will worth the $4.99 price that you pay for it.  

total baby app screen shot

*a special thanks to Devra, Jordan & Sarah*

baby bear hugs on pregnancy and birth

Friday, November 16, 2012

Raising Generous Kids

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Raising Generous Kids

Baby Bear does not like to share! It is getting to be hard because I know that she will need to be doing a lot of it with #2 around.  She will say "no, mine!" or " "!שלי" when she wants something that someone else has, or doesn't want someone to take her things away from her.  She does however, LOVE to give money to charity and helps to put it in our Tzedakah (charity) box every week. 

We also have an issue with the holidays coming up and lots of birthdays, what do I do about giving gifts?  I decided that it was best to have Baby Bear help me wrap a present.  I have some single color wrapping paper and lots of stickers (since we are potty training).  I talked Baby Bear though the part where I wrapped the present and showed her the stickers.  

 I turned the box as she places them so it covered the package nicely.  

I pealed off some of the stickers from the sheet since it was hard for her to get the middle ones off and put them on the table. We also never miss a change to practice colors and to count.  

Every time that Baby Bear took a sticker off, we counted the number.

 We also looked at the different colors and counted how many there were.

I had one extra special sticker that she was going to get at the end if she was a good helper .

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