Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Things You Should Register for that we LOVE

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Here is continuation of my list  of things that I recommend for baby.  

To start, you will want to see my Must Have List for Bringing Home Baby and then come back to see the rest of my recommendations. 

Baby Crib & Changing Table
baby crib in pale blue
The best suggestion for an eco-friendly crib is to get one second hand. We got a beautiful light wood crib from a friend that we used after Baby Bear outgrew the CoSleeper.  I found a beautiful option for a USA made baby crib by Young America.  Plus this crib also converts to a toddler bed,daybed and a full-sized bed so you never need another piece of furniture. 
There is also a gorgeous dresser that can be a changing table to go with your crib. 

sealy soybean mattress

We purchased this mattress for Baby Bear since we liked the fact that it was made from a renewable resource and was low VOC certified.  I think it is widely available but the best price I found was on Amazon (click the link above). 

A Great Diaper Bag
skip hop versa diaper bag in blackskip hop versa diaper bag in black
We have a Skip Hop Diaper Bag (similar to the Versa).  I had a different diaper bag at first, but it was very difficult to travel with.  The Versa has clips that clip easily around the stroller to hold it securely.  There are lots of pockets and it is expandable.  The biggest plus is that it looks more like a purse, so you can feel fashionable when wearing it around. 

If you don't know Sophie the Giraffe, you need to get to know her!  I don't know why, but every kid loves this toy.  It is BPA free and made of natural rubber.  She is not cheap, so if you are going to only buy 1 toy, this is the one to get.  

When I would pump or supplement Baby Bear, Tommee Tippee bottles were the only bottles that she would take her milk in.  
Baby Bear being fed by her Grandpa with a Tommee Tippee
tomee tipee closer to nature baby bottles
The larger squishy top does look more like a breast then regular bottles plus she also never had any any gas problems. 

While looking at their website, I noticed that they also have their own breast pump! I haven't heard anyone that tried it yet, so let me know if you have. 

Baby Bear actually still takes a bath in her baby tub.  It saves so much water and it makes her feel safe that she can just sit and relax while her toys are right next to her or even stretch out and 'swim'.  My mom hates that fact that she still uses the baby tub, but I am sure that Mother Earth is cheering! 
lattsam ikea tub
We have the Lattsam Ikea Tub, a steal at only $7.99 and BPA free.   When she was a newborn, we would just bath her in the sink.

   Burp Clothes
You can easily find the 'ugly' organic cloth diaper burp clothes at your local big box.  I got a bunch of those, but also wanted some cute ones that I wouldn't mind leaving the house with. 
There are also great local people that make burp clothes or on Etsy if you want to support small businesses.  

First Feeding & Baby Chair
My best friend had this baby chair and Baby Bear loved the wheel and being able to sit up and look around.  We got one ourselves, it is the Prince Lionheart Bebepod Flex Plus. You can use it for sitting, feeding, and play.  It also has straps to use it as a first highchair and secure it to a chair at your dinner table.  

If you don't want to buy them new, there are great resale stores that you can find some of the same products. 

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