Friday, November 16, 2012

Raising Generous Kids

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Raising Generous Kids

Baby Bear does not like to share! It is getting to be hard because I know that she will need to be doing a lot of it with #2 around.  She will say "no, mine!" or " "!שלי" when she wants something that someone else has, or doesn't want someone to take her things away from her.  She does however, LOVE to give money to charity and helps to put it in our Tzedakah (charity) box every week. 

We also have an issue with the holidays coming up and lots of birthdays, what do I do about giving gifts?  I decided that it was best to have Baby Bear help me wrap a present.  I have some single color wrapping paper and lots of stickers (since we are potty training).  I talked Baby Bear though the part where I wrapped the present and showed her the stickers.  

 I turned the box as she places them so it covered the package nicely.  

I pealed off some of the stickers from the sheet since it was hard for her to get the middle ones off and put them on the table. We also never miss a change to practice colors and to count.  

Every time that Baby Bear took a sticker off, we counted the number.

 We also looked at the different colors and counted how many there were.

I had one extra special sticker that she was going to get at the end if she was a good helper .


  1. YES! I completely agree that teaching our daughters about tzedakah is a must. Little Bird loves giving tzedakah and my heart melts each time she finds a coin and gets excited to drop it into her box. She understands that tzedakah is "for people who need help."


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