Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dr. says "C-Section"

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I am frustrated with what transpired today and had to share: After all of the due date dilemma, they wanted to double check the size of the baby to see how big she is getting.  Today was the ultrasound day and Mr. BBH came too.  She is in the correct position, but she is still measuring really big.  She is estimated to weight 9lbs 3oz already.  Her head is in the 97% and my belly is measuring 34 weeks.  With all of that, they want to wait until closer to the original due date (since early ultrasounds are more accurate) and scheduled me for the 29th of November.  They said that the risks of things happening to a large baby (by getting stuck) are greater then the benefits of a vaginal birth.  I am not totally convinced, but since Baby Bear didn't want to come out either (she took 6+ hours of pushing) there is cause to think that this will also be a problem with #2.  

One one hand, I think "wow, that would be so great- long labor, pushing, risk of tearing, etc." on the other "I really want her to come out the natural way since it is so much healthier for both of us (if there are no complications)."  Mr. BBH is much more calm and level headed about the whole thing.  He had to watch me go through L&D with Baby Bear and had a hard time seeing me go through what I was with Baby Bear (I didn't have an epidural).  He even broke down and had to leave the room to compose himself. I think things would be easier with #2 if I just get the epidural and have a natural delivery but he Dr. says that he doesn't agree with that option.  A good friend of mine did have a great suggestion though.. Wait until I go into natural labor so that the baby and I get all of the benefits of oxytocin and other hormonal changes that happen and then go to the hospital for the c-section if that is what they have to do. I think that might be the best option for me and will talk about it with the Dr. next week.  
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  1. I can't believe how big she is already! Can't wait to meet her. I'm sorry you're going through this dilemma but I do trust that you'll know what to do when the time comes. It's tough for Mr BBH because he has a lot more knowledge than others from his career. He's likely going to be afraid of you going through any suffering and the mini baby bear, too. I'm here for you. We are here for all four of you!

  2. Hang in there and try your best not to stress. Everything happens for a reason. Healthy and hasp baby and momma are #1. I'm looking forward to a baby play date with you!


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