Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Garden Haters Continued..

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It has been a whole season and I just got another letter to take out the garden.  If you are wondering what I am talking about, start here.

I sent an email to the board of our condo association originally and they approved the garden 'for the season'.  Then we received a letter in October telling us that it needed to be removed for a different reason that originally stated on the letter that I received.  I went to the board meeting to meet with the board face to face.  I explained that we did not maliciously plant a garden, we saw that other people have things planted in the same area that we planted in and didn't know we needed permission to do so.  {on a side note: I live next door to one of the board members and she did not mention anything either, she did ask what I was doing and could have said something then though!} I told them that I met so many of the neighbors because people were interested and admired our garden.  We also thought it was really nice that people cared about where they lived and wanted to make things more beautiful with plants.  

We also wanted a garden to teach our daughter where food comes from.  She loved to look at the flowers since we usually had lots of bees and butterflies pollinating it.  Baby Bear also loved to pick the veggies.   I also told them if they were worried, I could promise to fill it in if we ever moved.  We were also told by another neighbor that there was another person that had a garden (but they apparently moved).

here is our garden in full bloom this summer 

tomatoes                                     cucumber                                                   cabbage 

 Mr. BBH says I should just leave the issue alone and take out the garden.  I just know that part of the 'issue' is that we chose to plant veggies and not flowers.  All of the other people who have planted various things have not been told to uproot them and put the grass back in.  What do you think?

UPDATE  11/24/12: An email from the property management company:

The Board will be looking at each unit individually for those not in compliance.  Yours was the only "vegetable" garden that we are aware of on site.  The border of your garden is lined with "bricks" instead of an aesthetically appealing border.


  1. I vote the garden stays, or everyone else removes their flower beds.

    Here from SITS Sharefest. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thanks Angie!! I hope so too!! There is also a few people that have fake flamingos or scarecrows, not sure how that is OK when I can't have my veggies!

  2. I would love to see the garden stay... It is planted on what is considered Common Ground which is controlled by the Board of Directors (they could let you keep it if they wanted) but it does open up issues and others my not maintain theirs as well as you do. It's really not worth the fight as it usually will result in hard feeling all the way around.

    I would suggest that you talk with the Board about establishing an area where you and other neighbors could plant an edible garden. Like a small scale Community Garden for help on how to go about that I am sure LaManda Joy @TheYarden would be able to give you some insight. She is the creator of The Peterson Project in Chicago they have 7 Community Gardens. I hope this helps please know I support your fresh food growing movement Annie

    1. Thanks for your support and suggestions.

      I did go to the board of directors and they for some reason consulted with the property manager (who does not hold a stake in the property and in my opinion is an employee of the association). There is a lot of 'wasted space' with large expanses of grass that would be great for a community garden! I even told the board that would be a great extra revenue source :).

  3. I feel your pain, we used to live in a condo before we lost it. We now rent a private residence. while in the condo, I hated that we were fined for a dog, because of a few irresponsible owners and couldn't have a vegetable garden. It's really not fair if you are responsible and keep it clean.

    1. We are allowed 1 dog and 1 cat (we are dog people). A neighbor blamed me for not picking up after my dog and I said "she just peed!!" The neighbor said "well I saw her squat!" and I replied "she is a GIRL dog and that is how they pee!" UGH some ignorant people


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