Monday, November 19, 2012

Great Apps for New Moms or Moms-to-be

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I love how easy it is to track things and find information on your smart phone.  I have been using pregnancy apps for questions and tracking of my pregnancy with #2  and wanted to share what I found.  I also began to research apps that I can use with a new baby to track feedings and growth by asking friends. 

~Pregnancy Apps~

What to Expect-FREE
what to expect when you're expecting app logo
I read the book What to Expect When Your Expecting when I was pregnant with Baby Bear.  I would read along developmentally where she was at and look up answers to my questions.  It was really cool to be able to use this app and plug all of my information to follow along with #2's development.  There was daily and weekly advise and information about baby that I could read about.  You can also put your own belly photos and talk to other moms at forums. 

what to expect when you're expecting screen shotwhat to expect when you're expecting screen shot

Here are some screen shots

Kick and Contraction Timer-FREE with absolutely no adds!
DMC Maternity App
DMC mobile Maternity App

This is geared towards Detroit moms, but the tools are useful to anyone and there are no annoying adds.  I could track symptoms, measurements, Dr. Appointments, kicks, and contractions in the app.  It has a weekly fact about baby and Tracks the time and size of baby visually with a fruit.  If you are giving birth at a DMC hospital, it will also give you directions to the hospital,help you find a DMC OB/GYN, or give you information about birthing classes.  The only major issue that I have with this app is that if you click out of the app, you have to re-open and go back into what you were doing (the kick counter or contraction counter)

DMC mobile Maternity AppDMC mobile Maternity App
Here are some screen shots

~New Baby Apps~

White Noise App-FREE 
{there is also a paid version}

Sleep Pillow

sleep pillow app

We put this on every time that Baby Bear takes a nap and is not in her room with her white noise maker.  We like the one with the rain, wind and thunder.  Mr. BBH and I even use this when we are not with Baby Bear because it helps to lull us to sleep and keep us asleep since it helps to drown out other noises.
sleep pillow app screen shotsleep pillow app screen shot 
Here are some screen shots

Feeding App $4.99
{for breast and bottle}
Total Baby
total baby app logo
This app was recommended by multiple friends when I asked what a good feeding app was.  You can use this for more then one child.  The breast feeding part is incredible because you can even track your milk storage. 
  It also tracks weight, dirty diapers, sleep time, bath time.  You can use this incredible app also for Doctor visits, vaccines, allergies, and baby milestones.  It will email you and you can also Wi-Fi sync and back up.  I used it last week with Baby Bear when I went to the doctors so that I remembered all of the things that I wanted to ask when her belly was hurting her. It is will worth the $4.99 price that you pay for it.  

total baby app screen shot

*a special thanks to Devra, Jordan & Sarah*

baby bear hugs on pregnancy and birth

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