Wednesday, November 14, 2012

National Geographic Kids {Review & Giveaway}

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National Geographic Kids 
{Review & Giveaway} 

box of national geographic kids with books

We received this awesome box in the mail with our new National Geographic Kids Super Reader Set. 
national geographic kids logo

Baby Bear was so excited to open it up because she LOVES books and animals! Young reader programs are so important to a kids development.  We are part of another program called the PJ library that is a monthly Jewish book program.  The Nat Geo Kids reading program is totally different since it focuses on animals and history.  

We love all of the different kinds of books that it contains because they are not story books, but instead books with fact that can be read in tidbits with many new facts that kids minds soak up.  Plus there are sticker rewards for reading and book marks to mark your place 

This is an incredible program that kids of all ages will love since there is something for everything.  I even learn new things as I read to Baby Bear.  That is the best part of the program is that since she is not a reader yet, I also enjoy reading and re-reading the books that we received. 

Since Nat Geo was developed in consultation with literacy education experts, each National Geographic Super Reader is filled with cool information about nonfiction topics kids love such as dinosaurs, tigers, planes and trains, plus
big, colorful photographs, all in an easy-to-read and kid-friendly design. I highly recommend this for boys and girls (1-14) as a must have {or a great holiday or birthday gift}.  

Win one of 3 National Geographic Kids Super Readers Sets!
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  1. I love that it makes learning fun

  2. I like how it teaches kids all kinds of things in a kid friendly learning disguised as fun way. They have amazing books and products! Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. My grandmother used to send my sisters and I copies of National Geographic every month when we were children. I especially looked forward to it, as I was always interested in animals. I think National Geographic for Kids is wonderful because it's both interesting and easy to understand. Not to mention the fact that when children who read NGK grow up they have a new set of National Geographic magazines to look forward to.

  4. I love that they have great books and products that aim at teaching kids in a fun way.
    morales_y at yahoo dot com

  5. It is a fun way for my kids to get interested in Geography and learning about the world in general!

  6. It teaches chiildren about the beauty and fu of nature and animals:)

  7. My son loves everyhting to do with science, animals, nature.. I just know he'd love everything about these!

  8. I really love the cards and stickers and fun pages and easy learning for kids. I used to get this magazine for my three kids and have had to stop getting it due to cutting costs. =( Wish I could afford it again.
    Kaci guisinger Harrison

  9. I like that National Geographic Kids is reader friendly and filled with colorful pictures.

  10. Love that it teaches kids about animals in such an interesting way!

  11. i love the adult national geographic it is so imformative and htink its wonderful they have a childs version to teach them in ways that is fun and more understanding for them than the adult version

  12. I love how much fun it makes learning my son loves learning about animals and places.

  13. the interesting content & great pictures
    ria clarke


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