Thursday, November 29, 2012

DIY Newborn photo ideas

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I wanted to have a few photo ideas up my sleeves for #2's first days. I heard that the hospital that we are delivering at does not have a good photographer so I want to get some things ready for when baby comes home or things that Mr. BBH can bring to the hospital. I recently purchased an entry level Cannon Rebel SLR camera so that I can start doing incredible photography and stop using my iPhone for all my photos! 

The only tip that I can give you is to take TONS of photos.  What I learned in art school is that a good photographer is a good editor.  Just snap away and look at the photos after because sometimes the best photos are when the baby is not doing what you want them to do.  We have an incredible photo of Baby Bear where she is playing with a pearl necklace and looking down.  

If you have a manual camera, you can manipulate the settings to get incredible photos.  I found this Miguel Gantioqui Photography Cheat Sheet on Pinterest to use.  If you have lots of time before baby, I recommend what my photography professor had us do, take a picture long and write down your settings taking a picture of one object.  This way you will know how it makes the image look and will help you use your camera more effectively!  

Prop ideas
Colored Blankets
Textured Fabric 
Feather Boa
Stuffed Animals

Butcher Paper Roll 
Wrapping Paper 

Poses For Inspiration that I Pinned on Pinterest:

I found a bunch of different photos for inspiration that have different ideas and set-ups. 

  photo from
photo from

photo from

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