Thursday, September 20, 2012

7 Home Remedies for Colds During Pregnancy aka ode to my neti pot

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I thought that I was in the clear for illnesses and I had been feeling great lately.  All of the sudden food poisoning struck rolled together with a cold or allergy outbreak on the same day.  It is so hard to feel better when pregnant since you can't take any of the traditional knock-out meds.  I thought up a whole list of Grandma's Cures to help you feel better with no medication. 

Chicken Soup
Who knew, but Chicken soup actually does help you feel better and it has been studied to be more then just a placebo effect. Check out this NY times article for more info. Plus it tastes even better if your mom, friend or hubby makes it and can only benefit your little bun in the oven.

Neti Pot
A neti pot is a small pot with a large spout or also you can now buy them as a squirt bottle. You mix a warm saline solution and irrigate your nasal passages.  It helps clear out all of the junk and lets you breathe easier.  Plus you can repeat it a few times throughout the day if you are having a lot of mucus.  Since it is only a saline solution in your nose and not a medication, it will not effect your baby.  Too scared to try a neti pot (or need some additional relief)? Hold your head over a seamed bowl of water and that will also help the mucus drain. 

i love my neti pot

Stay Hydrated
In order to make sure that baby and momma are getting enough hydration, make sure to keep drinking. I know how hard it is to keep up with that when your don't feel good, but dehydration can cause uterine contractions. If you are worried about electrolytes, you may want to drink coconut water a natural electrolyte enhanced thirst quencher!

young coconut with straw
Fresh Young Coconut Water!

Drink Honey, Lemon, Ginger Tea
If you have a soar throat this is especially great, but also for a cold since ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory, lemon has vitamin C and honey helps to soothe your throat and is thought to have anti-viral properties.  Plus this is not an herbal tea, so no worrying about the ingredients being OK for your baby.   

Hot Packs on your Sinus  
A hot pack on your sinus or any other sore muscles really helps take the pain and tenderness away.   The heat will help relieve the swelling and help to drain them the cavities (cold will cause the mucus to grow thicker).  You can make an easy hot pack with a tutorial from my fav blogger Ashley. (don't do the essential oils unless you ask your Dr.)

Use a Humidifier at night
A properly cared for humidifier will make it easier to breathe at night.  They also suggest one for babies, so this is a good time to buy one and get it ready for your newborn and help the momma to feel better.  

Sleep with your Head High
When you have a stuffy head, it is hard to sleep on your side.  It is hard to sleep as it is pregnant! Prop your head up when you are sleeping so that you can breathe easier.   I was sleeping almost sitting up on the couch for a few days until I felt better.  Sleep is really important, so make sure you get your Z's!

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  1. Why am I such a chicken about the neti pot? ;-)

    1. Once you get it'right' you will love the neti pot too!! It is really weird and takes a few tries to get it flowing, but it is totally a miracle when you use it!

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  3. i too am a chicken about the neti pot or saline solutions..


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