Thursday, September 6, 2012

Healthy Kitchen Tip~ Bye Bye BPA

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I read an article about reducing the amount of BPA in your bloodstream.  It says that by taking a few simple steps, you can reduce your BPA levels by a large amount!  The study showed a reduction of 60% on average.

plastic utensils labeled old and bamboo labeled new
Our new kitchen tools are by Natural Home Bamboo 

{1} Eat more fresh food

{2} Store food in Glass, Stainless Steel or Ceramic

{3} Don't microwave in plastic

{4} Brew your coffee in a French Press (automatic coffee makers brew in plastic)

{5} Switch any plastic utensils to bamboo, wood, or stainless. 

Most of these things we already do or have BPA free alternatives that we use.  I had not even thought about my cooking utensils and added that to the above list.  We got the original plastic tools from Marshall Fields as part of a wedding gift, so it is time for a change.  We always has steel utensils for our meat set of dishes, so we only needed to replace our dairy tools.  Plus I think that we can easily label our dairy with a wood burning tool.  

Study: BPA in food packaging study by the Breast Cancer Fund

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  1. Great tips. I already do most of these things. I was using a french press in the mornings, but I've recently gone back to my Keurig for convenience. I'm going to treat myself to taking the time for the french press again. Thanks for the reminder!


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