Monday, November 12, 2012

That ambiguous time before baby

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It is weird to look at my maternity app and see 1 week left. I get everyone that call wondering if I am calling with news of the baby. It makes me nervous to call any family or friends, especially my friend who is joining us at the hospital since Mr. BBH will probably be coming from work and may not have slept yet.

People at the gym almost freak out when they see me and ask every day when I am due. Can't wait to see their faces if I go over the due date and keep working out! I don't plan on stopping early since I always feel so good after a vigorous workout! (I am still spinning, weight training with my trainer, and doing cardio).

#2 still in my belly

Inside I am pretty scared with all of the due date drama that has happened. I am not a fan of one of the OBGYN partners that is in the practice and they also keep saying "it's going to be a big one!" What does that even mean? Baby Bear was 8lbs 2 oz (on the large side of average) Mr BBH is 6'3" and I am 5'. Does that mean that #2 will be the same size or a over 10lbs? Baby Bear only weighs 26lbs now, so that is roughly half of how much baby bear weighs. She was a very long baby, so does big mean just long? They are able to tell from the ultrasound measurement of the arm, head, and femur lengths. As long as she is healthy we don't care about all of this and in the end we will just have to wait and see when she wants to arrive.

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