Friday, December 7, 2012

Is it that time yet?

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{Written 11/28 while waiting in the hospital}

before the c-section

Is it time for baby yet?  I am scheduled for C-section for Thursday and early Wednesday morning I was awoken with a strong contraction.  I got up and walked around a little bit.  I had had some Braxton Hicks and wasn't feeling so great the day before.  I decided to take a shower 'just in case' at around 4 AM.  When I got out of the shower, Mr. BBH asked what was going on... If I wasn't going to have a C-section, I would have waited at home until the contractions got closer together.  We decided to go to the hospital since I was going to have to have the surgery anyway and I didn't need to go through all of the labor (one of the 'bright sides' that I was trying to find).  

I got to the hospital at 5:45 AM and the contracts got more erratic and so when I was hooked up in the triage area the intake Dr. made it seem like we were going to go home.  I was only 1 cm dilated.   

We had to wait for the on-call Dr. for my practice to come and see me before any decisions were made.  She had to do a surgery and we had to wait until around 8:30 AM to see her.  She told us that the only way that they could justify doing the c-section early was if #1, I had 'true' contractions (which they were not at this point) or #2, I had dilated further.  I dilated to a 3!  Dr. Wang, was so surprised because I was talking,smiling, and joking with her.  

It took until 11:30 that they took me into the OR.  Mr. BBH had to wear a suit that covered his clothes.  He is 6'3", so it was almost too small!   

They take you into the OR and then give you a spinal block.  That feeling you get of numbness in your legs was really the scariest part.  Besides that, I didn't feel anything.  I could hear the Dr and nurses making small talk which I found odd since I was awake and could hear everything.  Mr. BBH put some soothing music on for me with his ear buds.  It seemed like forever before they took the baby out and I got to see her.

After it was all done, they took me back to the room.  I was feeling OK and Mini Bear was healthy.  That was more important to me then choosing the way that I wanted to give birth.  

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