Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Princess and The Pea

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Baby Bear's newest favorite thing is the story of 'Pin-cess Pea'.  My sister got her a story book of all different princess stories when she was born and she just started loving all things princess.  

princess fairy tail book

Of all the princess stories that are in the book, she likes Princess and The Pea to be read every night.  If you ask her what Princes she is she will say 'Pin-cess Pea'.  

I realized this week that Baby Bear is really like 'Pin-cess Pea' (and not just because she likes to wear a tulle skirt with all of her clothes).  It has to do with a Mini Bear.

Mini Bear~aka the Pea in this story

While things have really calmed down with the new Mini Bear in the house and Baby Bear is getting used to it, she still does not like  anyone to pay attention to Mini.  The second that anyone that comes over looks at Mini, Baby Bear can sense in wants attention.  She is very cute, so it is hard to ignore her if she starts to sing or dance.  Anything that is Mini's is suddenly "Mine, mine, mine!"  I try to indulge Baby Bear and pay as much attention to her when Mini is napping so she still feels special even though this means that my house is very messy and the laundry is piling up.  I know that I have to have a middle ground but for the first month I am giving in.  

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