Monday, October 22, 2012

Packing a Bag for Hospital Baby Delivery

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Packing a Bag for Hospital Baby Deliverythings to pack for a hospital baby delivery

With all of my due date confusion, I haven't put much thought to what I was going to pack for the hospital. I noticed that it may be a month from meeting #2 (plus she has already dropped really really low), so I got everything together today and can relax. 

Here are the things that I have packed in the bag:

things to pack for a hospital baby delivery

{1} Copy of you Birth Plan
Your practitioner should already know your wishes for birth, but you will want a copy to give to the nurses so that they are aware of what you want so that they are on board. Some things may sound silly, but you don't want to have to explain in the moment.  I really don't want any counting while I am pushing and I want to hold the baby right away, so I put that in the plan. 
{I found a great site to create a free printable birth plan at Earth Mama Angel Baby if you need some help}

{2} Snacks for your partner
It may be a long haul in the delivery room, so you will want to have quick snacks on hand.  My mom tells a story of how my dad got black licorice out of the vending machine while she was in labor with me and she freaked out from the smell. You may want to get some neutral smelling snacks just in case your nose gets sensitive.   

{3} Snacks for you
You need your energy too since your body is working overtime.  They don't always 'let' you have food, so you will want something in case you want to eat.  They usually have juice and other things like jello that they may let you eat, but be prepared just in case.  You will also want lollipops to suck on.  I love Preggie Pops since they also help with nausea. 

{4} Things to Ease Labor
You probably won't know what you want until it happens in the moment, so bring a bunch of things with you.  I put some lotion, massage tool, some essential oils like lavender, ipod with music, a bathing suit for your partner in case you want to use the shower or tub, and my exercise ball is also in the closet to come with us. Hair bands to make a pony tail. {I got the idea to hold my hair bands on a clip from pinterest, and I use it also on my gym bag clipped to the handle.    For Baby Bear our doula brought a crock pot to put essential oils in and also warm towels. 

{5} Baby Outfit
Bring a comfy outfit to bring home baby in that is weather appropriate. 

{6} Change of Clothes for You
This is hard to decide what you need to bring to go home in.  You will still have a belly, so you will want a maternity outfit and something that is comfy.  Also bring a nursing bra if you plan to nurse. 

things to pack for a hospital baby delivery with text

Anything you want to add? Let me know in the comments!

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