Sunday, October 14, 2012

3 ways to use Magnets for Learning with Toddlers

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Fun with Magnets

I picked up a bucket of Hebrew letters {but any type of magnet will work for teaching} and I saw these cute Melissa & Doug Letters or Animals that would work great too. 

There are 3 ways you can use the magnets

The first time that we played with them, I showed her how to stick the magnet to the metal surface and move them around

The Next time we played with the letters we talked about the different colors and sorted them on the fridge in colors.  She does not always get the colors correct, but it helps to be able to group 'like' things together. 

We also talk about the different letters and look for them in the bucket.  I am doing most of this part since Baby Bear does not know the letters yet.  The important thing is to keep trying and playing with your toys in different ways.  The repetition of the same activity is great for toddlers because they remember from the time before and can do more and more each time that you go back to the activity.  

The great thing about using the fridge as part of your toy, is that once your child gets better with colors and letters, you can make dinner and give directions at the same time. 


  1. Our daughter's favorite game is "counting". Maybe I should get her some magnets with numbers - she would love that!!!

  2. Hi there - I am loving your blog! I'm always looking for new learning activities to do with my kids. Your newest follower from Monday Mingle :D



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