Friday, October 5, 2012

Baby Bear's Language Skills

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raising a bilingual child

Everyday I am surprised at how much Baby Bear's language is developing.  When my brother was in town, I noticed that she was able to translate something that I told her to to my sister-in-law.  She does not have a huge vocabulary, but she does make sentences and can do it in both languages and everyday her vocabulary grows by leaps and bounds. If she cannot say the word or does not know a word, she will say "umm" and sometimes come up with the word she needs.  I am not sure where she learned that! If she wants you to do or show you something, she will grab your hand and say "come".  This kid has a sense of humor and loves to be silly and make people laugh.

baby wearing silly glasses
"Baby Bear Funny"

The really interesting thing that she did this week was that she asked me what something was! We saw a fire truck pass us and she asked "what is that" and the same with a school bus! I was shocked that she was able to formulate a question like that.

Recently she started potty training {because she was asking to use the potty a few weeks ago} and was able to associate that adults wear undies.  She named all of the people in our family and said that they wear undies and then said that she wears undies too.  

She has a memory like an elephant.  If we do something ONCE, she will remember.  In the beginning of September, we did the Walk for Friendship, a fundraiser for an awesome non-profit.  It was in the community center parking lot near our house.  

baby petting a pony
  Baby Bear with the pony at Walk for Friendship

We parked and walked in the front entrance last week and she asked about the horse!  It looked totally different with all of the activities set up, so it makes me laugh that she knew we were in the same place.

Baby Bear also remembers that she made a Shofar in the entrance to the community center.  We went there this week and she asked if we were going to make a Shofar! 

baby with shofar
Baby Bear in the lobby of the community center holding a shofar

baby shopping at ikea
Baby Bear filling out the form at Ikea like her Dad! 
Notice her little purse she dragged around with her


  1. isn't it amazing watchingh them grow and develop...then one day they say something that just shocks you and makes your heart grow. GOod job mommy


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