Thursday, March 22, 2012

My weird shopping addiction

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I have been thinking about this all day and I have no way to explain it:  I have an addiction to returning things.  

I think I might even buy things to return them.   

My family knows about it and my husband teases me about it.   My {aunt} Tia told me that I even did it when I was little.  

Today it was so bad.  I went to Target to get ONE thing and came out spending $187 {that I don't have to spend}.  I got to the car with Baby Bear and marched back in to return everything except what I came for   {be honest} Plus a work-out tank top (on sale for $18), Sunglasses from the 'Deal Spot', and dish soap.  I may even go and return the tank (ugh).  

I shop and then I regret the money that I spent or decide that I do not need a new one or or or... I have so many excuses in my head to why I do this. 

When I lived abroad, they did not let you return things.  I NEVER purchased things unless I really wanted it because I knew that it could not be returned.  I only really purchased  food since I knew that I didn't really need anything.   Plus, since everything was so fresh and close to buy, you only really buy a few days worth of fruit, veggies, dairy and bread.  

I have a few more things that I purchased that I don't need, but after that, I am NOT going to return for a month.  Lets see if it works!  Plus, I want to be as green as possible and cut out the unnecessary waste.  

this is not my real receipt..I found it on the internet ;)
 Does anyone else have this problem? Advice?

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