Thursday, March 8, 2012 update on the table that my sister made for Baby Bear!

Pin It Now! update on the table that my sister made for Baby Bear!  

tryptic with table

photo 2

{ I posted before in December about getting a table and Chairs  but my sister took a while to finish } 

Materials that She Used
Table Set from Ikea
Acrylic Paint
Clear Spray Sealer for Wood

table top drawing

My sister is the painter, so she took Baby Bear's blanket and drew the design onto the top of the table with a pencil. Choose a design inspiration that will grow with your child so they can enjoy it for many years. 

 My sister wanted the set to match Baby Bear's blanket that was handmade by my Aunt since it is a special family tradition to receive a quilt.  Here is baby bear when she was a newborn sleeping on the blanket.  

Here is the finished Table. 

 Now we need to seal is to that Baby Bear can start using it.

Take out the spray and make sure you are in a well ventilated area or preferably outside.  You might also want to wear a mask so that you do not breathe in any fumes.  

Shake up the spray. Keep it 6 inches away from the surface and spray in moving circles with an even coat.  I like to do it in circles so it does not get an uneven coat.  

Here is the finished table top after the first coat.  You can tell that everything is covered because it is shiny.  If you have a shiny finish, then you will be able to tell if you have a thick enough coat when you let it dry.  If it is dull, then the wood soaked the paint in.  I like to do 3 coats anyway to make sure that everything is covered.  

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