Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy Purim 2014 -Chag Sameach

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Today we celebrated Purim!  

Baby Bear had a cupcake costume.  At the Purim Carnival, she got this beautiful facepaint job on her face.  They were also making baloon animals.  I made the balloon animals at her school's carnival on Friday so I was fascinated to see how a real balloon person does it!  I watched a few videos on Youtube to do the balloon hats and animals before I made them.  I already knew how to do a balloon dog and they didn't look so complicated.  

Mini dressed up on Friday as a lady bug {thanks Kelly!} but since there are always a lot of people at the one we went to today, we chose a light weight costume.  My sister wore this sailor costume as a baby too. 

She also made the top hat that I am wearing.  It is even more impressive in person. 

Mini had so much fun with costumes, that we played at home with our dress-up box.

I took photos of her and then she wanted the camera too. 

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