Thursday, March 13, 2014

Baby Bear Gets her Teeth Cleaned for the 1st Time

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My mom is a Dental Hygienist and oral health has always been something that I was taught from a young age and made sure to do the same thing with my girls.  My mother-in-law does not have very many teeth, so this is super important that they develop good habits at a young age.   The day that they got their first tooth, I started the habit of brushing with a tooth brush.  

baby brushing her teeth

Here is Baby Bear at age 2, already wanting to brush by herself.  {don't worry, I always get them first!}

preschool kid getting teeth cleaned by dental hygienist

Age 3 is the first time that children should go for a dental cleaning with a professional.  Take them a few times before they have their own appointment.It may seem like a hassle to bring children with you when you go to you to the dentist {you should be going every 6 months} but they need to experience the sights and sounds of a dental office and how you behave when your teeth are getting cleaned.  I made sure to say things like "that tickles" and smile at the girls so they could see that I was OK. 

preschool kid getting teeth cleaned by dental hygienist

Mini sat on my lap this time while I got my teeth cleaned, then Baby Bear sat on my lap WHILE she was getting hers cleaned.  She agreed that only 3 teeth were getting cleaned, but when she realized that it did not hurt, the hygienist (my mom) did all of her teeth. 

Remember to get YOUR teeth cleaned every 6 months! 
 *Keep your own teeth*
*Prevent gum disease*
*Maintain overall health*
{Recent studies have shown a connection between heart attacks and gum disease}

PS-If you don't have dental coverage, it is much cheaper to prevent future needs then to wait until you need major dental care & You can also get discounted cleaning at Universities that have Dental Schools.


  1. Great tips! All of the Dudes saw their pediatric dentists every year starting at age 1, not for a cleaning, just a check up. So helpful when cleaning time actually came.

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