Monday, March 24, 2014

Baby Bear Can WRITE words!!

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We have been working with Baby Bear to write her name.  She usually writes it with me but this week she suddenly wrote it alone when I asked her to sign her card!

learning to write her name

She kept writing and practicing so I decided to see if she could write other words with the same letters.

i hear nana
I <3 Nana  {I helped with the heart} She calls my mom Nana

mima written out in capital letters

Then she wrote MIMA {What she calls her Aunt. It is a Yiddish word}

baba written out in capital letters

Then I asked if she could write the letter B.  She wrote out BABA, what she calls her grandpa. 

writing in capital letters

Since she had already written other family members, we went on with some other important people in her life. 

first attempts to write words

This all happened within a matter of minutes.  She was writing like crazy.  For a first attempt, this blew my mind!  Maybe tomorrow we can write out Baby Bear?

two girls with silly glasses

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