Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mishloach Manot ~ Wizard of Oz Theme

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This year Baby Bear and I made Wizard of Oz themed Mishloach Manot that would also be a cute Easter Basket theme or birthday party goodies.

I found these really cute Wizard of Oz themed decorations at Michaels and saved them. 

Baby Bear was in charge of decorating the bags with stickers and then she got to fill them up! 

We got different treats that related to some of the ideas in Wizard of Oz.  Here is one of our Yellow Brick Roads.  Some other ones we used granola bars for little kids.

yellow brick road crackers wizard of oz

We had some with M & M's for eMerald City

emerald city m&ms wizard of oz

Some Tootie Roll Totos

toto tootsie rolls

A pin the Heart on the Tin Man with chocolates.I found this graphic here

pin the heart on the tin man chocolates

Not pictured: We also had some Wicked Witch Hamentashen and rainbows of skittles.

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