Thursday, April 3, 2014

Raising Confident Children

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I want to raise strong confident girls.  I take the simple things that Baby Bear does and make them meaningful and special.  The is a prolific artist.  That does not mean that I take everything that she makes and plaster the house with it.  I do put up some of the artwork on her magnet board in the kitchen.  She gets to help choose what to put on it.  Since there is only a finite amount of space, she gets to choose what goes and what stays.  Giving her choices is a helpful skill and also allows her to edit her own work in a simple way.  

Here is a special cup that Baby Bear made in class for Passover.  It is a cup for Elijah.  I put it into the china cabinet with our other things to show her how special she is.  

china cabinet with kid art

I know that it is just a cup, but by putting it into the cabinet it is also showing that she is very special.  It goes with the rest of the Judaica that we use for holidays and Shabbat.  

Besides the cup, I framed this drawing and put it on the mantel a few weeks ago.  It is the first drawing that she did of our family.  

Start with the small things!

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