Friday, April 11, 2014

Mixed Feeling about a Toddler

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I was so excited that Mini started walking. I worried for months that she wasn't walking and all of the other kids her age were.   Was there an issue with her hips or her legs that she couldn't walk unassisted? I thought about over and over.   

Let me preface this by saying that I love the toddler phase.  A good friend of mine said that she "doesn't have a favorite child, just a favorite age."  I love seeing the growth of the toddler and how fun they are as they learn about the world.  

Now I will just say it, I am sad that Mini is no longer a baby.  I have two kids and no baby.  

I made the longing eyes at Mr. BBH and he said "NO!" 

Instead of focusing on what I miss, I am going to focus on the exciting things that Mini does.  She loves animals and the walking freedom gives her more things to do and look at.

And it is much much much more fun to play with her instead of carry her around. 

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