Friday, April 4, 2014

Mini is finally walking!

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I know that I am not supposed to compare my children, but; Baby Bear was walking by her 1st birthday.  Mini's birthday came and went, but she was not showing any interest in walking.  Slowly all of the other kids in her class began to walk and Mini just decided that she would walk on her knees.  

She could walk if you held her hand or she was pushing a toy, but she didn't really want to.  Notice that in the video she was 14 months and we thought that she was ready to walk.  She is so stubborn, that she just tucks her legs if she doesn't want to walk and you were trying to get her to practice.  

She had it down to a science, so she didn't feel like she need to learn to walk on her feet. 

She would pull herself up if she wanted to, but the emphasis was on if SHE wanted to.  This is the gate by the stairs and she wanted to go to work with Mr. BBH, so she stood and yelled for him. 

can you see that they are holding hands!

We took both girls to the mall on Saturday night so that we could get her walking.  We tried this trick before at Ikea.  She walked with a toy shopping cart all over Ikea but didn't want to let go.  We walked around holding her hand.  It was either in the stroller or on her feet.  She was already selectively able to take a few steps.  We were walking around a store and she just let go of Mr. BBH and was off!

We took her again today since it was bad weather outside to walk around.  I am obsessed with her.  Her little barrel chest {a family trait from my dad's side} sticks out forward and her little chubby legs spread far apart!  

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