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Magic Garden Cubby~Perfect Dress Up Storage~Review & Giveaway

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Dress up and Make Believe are really important parts of a child's development.  We have a bin filled with clothes, shoes, hats, and accessories that really needed organizing.  We were lucky to get the opportunity to review the Magic Garden Cubby by Teamson and found that it is a perfect place for storing all of our things.
magic garden cubby assembly photos

It comes in a flat pack and is very easy to assemble. Even the cams are labeled with which direction to place it in.  Mr. BBH and I put it together in a few minutes.  You can see that it has a lip for the back piece to fit on.  The entire bench is very sturdy and we like the design.  The bottom even has a nice finished edge detail.

magic garden storage cube

The hand painted design is so much fun. Right away Mini wanted to look inside and see what was in the boxes.  We moved it to our play area and Baby Bear helped to organize. 

math skills in sorting

She had to sort out items into three different categories: hats, shoes, costumes.  This is a great math skill to introduce to young children and is a math skill that does not involve number or counting but patterns.  You can also have children group objects by color and teach older kids to fold.  

Inside each bin I put a picture of what is inside the bin.  The images are good for Mini to learn organization and the words are for Baby Bear.  Baby Bear is just starting to write words, so these labels are a way to start teaching reading.  When we read, we recognize words.  By starting with small words, you can build a reading vocabulary at an early age.  Kids start to read their own name first, since this is usually the first word that they learn to spell and read.  I put the words in all capital letters because Baby Bear is only doing capital letters at school.  

When we are having so much fun playing with our dress up clothes not they they are much easier to find. 


Baby Bear also used it as a stage to perform her show.  I encourage my kids to play with their dress up clothes all the time.  Dressing up is a fun way to promote language skills and role play for children of all ages.  

You can hear them imitate the way that people speak to them or things that they hear.   I often hear Baby Bear say things like "you be the mommy, you be the teacher..etc." then she will go on to imitate and say things like "Settle down class" or "Time to get dressed brush your teeth." 

  With this Magic Garden Cubby Dress-Up Storage, they will develop thinking skills and be able to imitate things in their own life or things that they make up.  If they need something to dress up that they do not have, they will learn to create it with their imagination.  

We LOVE Teamson's Magic Garden Cubby and want to give one away!

Hand Painted and Hand Carved
 Since 1997, Teamson has been known for its high standard in designing quality products.
  All of Teamson’s creations are painted by hand by our talented artists, so no two are exactly alike.


  1. Adorable!! My 3 year old LOVES the color pink & she has a lot of dress up clothes all over the floor. This would be an easy way to store them rather than hanging them up in her closet :)

  2. This would match my daughters colors dead on! Love this!!!

  3. LOVE their products do not own any just introduced today, super cute and organization makes my husband happy, having fun things for my children to learn and grow makes me happy.

  4. What a beautiful to organize ~ so much fun ~ playing dress up is an all time favorite ♥ great design ♥

  5. Left a comment on their Facebook Page here: https://www.facebook.com/teamson/posts/10152391257414602?comment_id=33171611&offset=0&total_comments=13 and left a comment on your http://www.babybearhugs.com/2012/06/great-education-links-from-iste-2012.html?showComment=1398050022263#c2655369770017457040 page

  6. This would help with organizing for my 2 1/2 year old daughter, that's for sure! =)

  7. My daughter room is so magical thanks to Teamson this would be perfect addition to her sweet room

  8. I love the Teamson Kids Girls Bookshelf/Bookcase - Magic Garden Room Collection

  9. would love this so all the kids stuff would be put away

  10. This would be so pretty in my daughters room, we are going to be switching her to a toddler bed soon and this would go great with the theme we are going for and save us some money.


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