Friday, April 25, 2014

The little sister

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Baby Bear had a friend come over and play and this is the first play date that she has had since Mini can walk. 

Having only been walking unassisted for a few weeks, Mini is very solid on her feet.  She walks around carrying things and also can bend over, somersault, kick, dance, and almost jump.  She ran right after the girls and started playing next to them.  It was OK for a little while, but once Mini left the room, they closed the door.  I don't think that they were consciously trying to exclude her.  It broke my heart to hear her knocking on the door after trying to reach the door herself and not being able.  Mini didn't cry, she just gave a few yells as she knocked.  I told the girls to keep the door open so that Mini could play in the room too.  

I love this photo of Baby Bear holding Mini in their stroller
The problem was avoided and none of the girls got mad.  I told Baby Bear later that Mini likes to watch the big girls play and I was so glad that she allows her to be such a great big sister.    

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