Monday, December 29, 2014

The incredible intricacies of learning language

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I was fascinated with language before when Baby Bear started to speak, and now even more as I learn about language and reading, I am in awe of my children's abilities.

If adults don't know what a word is, they will usually look it up later or just skip it if reading.  Baby Bear will ask what a word means if she has never heard it before.  I love this curiosity

Baby Bear and Mini get read to in both English and Hebrew and they watch some kids shows and movies in both languages.   Mini gets a lot more English that Baby Bear did at this age.  She seems to have a larger vocabulary than Baby Bear did at this age in English.  They BOTH prefer to listen to music in Hebrew except if it is from Frozen. 

Elsa Bear and Anna Bear
  Since she was born she has always been the silly kid and it is great that it translates to her verbal skills.  The things she says cracks me up!  


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