Sunday, February 5, 2012

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Recommendation for a Fun outing 
at the Como Zoo & Conservatory! 

If you are ever in the Minneapolis area, I highly suggest the Como Zoo and Conservatory. It is free with a suggested donation of $2 for adults and $1 for kids (a great price and worth it to help with the animal and botanical care costs).  The Como also has a village with carnival style activities and rides in the summer (for a fee). It is very family friendly as well as handicap and stroller accessible!

 It is winter, so most animals are in indoor exhibits and you can get really close. I have been there twice (once before Baby Bear with just adults) and I would say that they are the BEST zoo experiences that I have ever had. This time we were there in the morning and ALL of the animals were active. The primate house was especially exciting with all of the monkeys playing and jumping around.  We did not make it to the conservatory this time, but it is beautiful and they have a Japanese garden exhibit.  Here are two of our 'close encounters' at the zoo-

Baby Bear very close to the Orangutan named Markisa (the mom!) 

Look at how close the lion comes to Baby Bear

Baby Bear and her Aunt & Uncle at the Zoo with the Giraffe, Climbing in the Polar Bear Play Den
 and Looking at the Primates

Have you been here?  What did you think?

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