Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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Baby Bear loves to play with my iPhone.     Baby Bear is obsessed with my iPhone.  UGH.... Groan. See the old thing that I cannot get upset about is the fact that she actually CAN use it.  I keep meaning to take a video of her doing it.  She will unlock the phone and then go to the game that she likes.  I guess that is just the life of a digital native. We must have been taking pictures before she got a hold of the phone this time because the camera was facing her.  She had fun snapping some photos of herself.  I did not know that this was on the phone and I was laughing hysterically over this.  Plus the way that it captures her face, she looks like a carbon copy of Mr. BBH!

stole the camera
Self Portrait of a 16 Month Old

I like to call this collage- I stole your iPhone  

Here is the set played in order so you can see how she is playing with the buttons 

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