Wednesday, February 15, 2012

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give students the key
Give your students the KEY 
Today I gave my students the key to their own [Jewish] Identity.
They also now have a reminder that they own the KEY to pursue knowledge 
You can use this activity and change to to be what you want it to be!

The goal of this trigger with the KEYS was to do things
  1. Introduce the topic in a memorable way
  2. Give out something that would divide the class randomly into pairs
There was an additional part to the activity, but the key trigger can be used to start out any project/ youth group program, etc.   Before they started the second part, they all were able to decorate the keys with paint pens.  My original plan was to use nail polish, but it got really smelly when I did a sample piece, so I recommend that you go outside.  


So how did I get so many keys?  I LOVE freecycle!  I posted that I was looking for a bunch of keys and had a large amount of replies that people wanted to give me old keys. {go me & go upcycling}  They were all shapes and sizes which made it really fun for the students to look at.  

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