Sunday, February 26, 2012

Team Ashley Auction

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I am sure that all of you have noticed that cool button on the side of the blog that says "Team Ashley" Auction and benefit and wondered what it was all about...

Ashley Hackshaw {from lil blue boois my Blogging/Crafting/Sewing Idol 

this photo is propertly of
Ashley has amazing stories, ideas and tutorials on her site.  This past year was very tragic for her family, and she always has a positive outlook on life (I spoke about this in my Celebrating Life post).  First, her father passed away suddenly and then she miscarried a pregnancy.  It was a molar pregnancy and caused a type of cancer called Choriocarcinoma. This is a rapidly moving cancer and it spread so fast that she end up having an emergency hysterectomy because she almost bleed to death when the surgeons tried to remove it.  This is also a cancer that is hard to treat and is chemo-resistant at this point.  She is so inspiring and her story touches me every time I read her honest thoughts.  

Ashley is a young mom. Just like me. She has a little girl, very close in age to my little boy. She owns a handmade clothing line, just as I do. And she blogs. She blogs lovely heartfelt blogs about life, crafting, DIY projects and her business. She’s beautiful- tall and thin with gorgeous blonde hair and a stunning face. When Ashley and her husband began to work on expanding their family from three to four, their attempt resulted in a miscarriage. To make the miscarriage even more heartbreaking, it happened just a few weeks after her father suddenly passed away.  But she was brave and in October, 2011, they tried to get pregnant again. However this time, she had even worse luck. Her pregnancy was a continuation of her first pregnancy, a molar pregnancy, which resulted in a form of cancer called Choriocarcinoma.  

I encourage you to watch this video, but be sure to have a box of kleenex.

And please, check out the auction and register here so that you are ready when it opens

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