Friday, February 10, 2012

Missing my Grandpa

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Tomorrow is my Grandpa's birthday and he just passed away in August.  I miss him so much.  

Here he is with all of his Granddaughters

I only had ONE Grandpa and I got a Funny, Loving, Silly, Caring, Smart, Warm, Interesting, Understanding, Musical, Energetic, Incredible, Vibrant, Easy-To-Talk-To, Computer-Savvy, Facebook-Stalking, Mensch of a Grandpa.  

I always had him kiss my head.  Here he is kissing Mr. BBH on the head!

Here he is with my grandma and brother at my brother's wedding

It is so hard to realized that he is really gone.  

Here is is holding Baby Bear for the first time.  He was so scared to hold her.  He must have already not been feeling good because he said that he never thought he would get to hold a Great Grand Child.  

This is him right before his surgery that he never recovered from.  Look how little Baby Bear was and how much she loved him!

He came over every other day to see her

We love you so much and miss you Grandpa.  I only hope that I can be like you! 

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