Friday, June 15, 2012

Teaching with Custom T-Shirts Printed

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I am going to ISTE 2012 Conference (International Society For Technology Education) next week and have a great technology teaching idea to inspire you!

My Friend Sherri Kushner who teaches in Evanston, IL at Chute Middle School did an incredible class project.  She works as the Media Arts Teacher but took her project out of the computer.

She had her students design a t-shirt relating to a certain subject and then they ordered printed t-shirts from  

This is a great way to sum up a lesson plan and assess the understanding that the students have on the subject instead of just written answers to boring questions.   Give a question or jumping off point for them to use to create a design based off what you want them to see if they know from your lesson.     Then the website has a Custom T-Shirt Designer where you can upload your designs.  Not only will the students create something in class, but they will be able to share with friends and family about the subject that they learned each time they wear the shirt.  (Or they have much more then t-shirts to print on, so get creative and make a tote bag, sweatshirt, tank top, apron, bib, hat, backpack, iPad sleeve, umbrella, blanket, bandana, water bottle, shorts, etc!)

Share your designs or lesson with us if you do this!


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