Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kid Friendly Grown Up Space

Pin It Now! Our living room was getting a little out of hand with a mess of toys.  Mr. BBH and I needed a solution to reign in the clutter and figure it out before the new baby comes (granted we have some time, but we wanted to reclaim the space).

baby bear with clutter
Cluttered kids toys

Another Before of the room

Our simple solution was to get a tall cabinet that fit in the space to contain all of the toys, or a short and long cabinet that could go by the entry way.  We looked around for a few months to see what we could find that was inexpensive but great looking (hoping to find something that we could repurpose).  Our best solution was ikea.  We also purchased a Lack Shelf and made it into a mantle to tie the room together.  

kid friendly grown up space

We chose the solid door option with a second glass door for the top to make it match the existing  My BBH had to secure the cabinet to the wall since little hands will be opening and closing and playing with the toys inside.  

ikea besta cabinet and lack shelf

Here is the finished project- kids play closet by day, sophisticated grown-up area by night.  

Baby Bear has also learned how to clean up in a different way that she knew before.  She now knows that there are special places for her toys and crafts instead of just tossing them in a toy box.  

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  1. Wow that looks so amazing! Well done. How simple but wow so effective. Love the shelf over the fire place. Brilliant.


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