Monday, June 25, 2012

Game Creation for Students in 1 week

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Thanks to Prof. Dr. Alexander Repenning from the U of Colorado for teaching at ISTE 

You can make anything from Frogger to SIMs and there will be a 3D version called agentcubes. 
First you will need to download the software at .  

Why should you have your students create games? - To get computational thinking education in to public 

Once you download the software, you will want to start to play with it and learn it.  I think that it is simple enough to use when you just follow a few steps by Dr. Repenning in his step by step manual and lesson plans found here until I have some time at home to do screen shots.  

for now you can see my snapshots with my camera-

Here is the interface:

Here is the interface where you control how the games work. 

You get to draw your game board and control the actions

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